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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 09:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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who is the most annoying WH press secretary

They are all annoying - but who is the ABSOLUTE worst

Personally I thought no one could top Ari Fleischer -- But SHS is as thick skinned liar as they come.

I dont remember any of GHWB or Reagan's apologists..

Is the NRA a democratic body?

If so, are its by laws known to the public.

My point is, instead of fighting NRA externally, can we take the fight inside.

There are many many many gun owners that I know who are pissed off at NRA.

What will it take to mount an insurgency?

All these brands are owned by an ammunition company

It's sad. Bet many snow sport enthusiasts don't know this


Giro, Bell, Camelbak, Copilot and more are facing a consumer boycott because they are owned by Vista Outdoor, a supporter of the National Rifle Association.
In the wake of the Florida school shooting, US bike advocate Aaron Naparstek is calling for a boycott of Giro, Bell, Camelbak, CoPilot and other bike brands owned by Vista Outdoor, one of America's largest ammunition makers. This $3bn company is also a corporate supporter of the gun lobby’s mouthpiece, the National Rifle Association, he said.

"The same company that manufactures your CoPilot rear-rack child bicycle safety seat also produces the SavageArms MSR 15 Patrol assault rife," tweeted Naparstek last night.

My daughter's school district went into lockdown mode

It was a false alarm .. and even though I know now that my daughter's specific school wasnt affected - my heart is still racing



BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Gov. Livingston High School and Columbia Middle School went into shelter in place and lock down following a false report of a threat.

Superintendent of schools Judy Rattner confirmed that the threat involved a school district in New Mexico and the Berkeley Heights school district is safe. "The student that initiated the threat is currently in custody and all of our students are safe," said Rattner.

She reminded the parents, "please, in order to secure and provide safe schools for all of our students, if you see something or hear something of concern, please make sure to report it immediately so that we can continue to maintain the safety of our buildings."

Would it be fair to ask VISA and MASTERCARD to block NRA transactions?

No membership dues , NRA merchandise .. NADA ..zip.

If these two payment gateways block NRA related payments .. it will be a shot across the bow that will be heard everywhere

Not sure how it will work ..The payment gateways can only Identity banks and not individual accounts.

How do we go about this?

I really wonder if Trump would be able to get security clearance if he tried to get one.

It's not a constitutional requirement - But it should be part of the application process when one files for a run

Scum like him wont even get to the primary process.

Republicans have been thoroughly captured by donors that

They seem to act as if they have their balls squeezed in a vise grip, even as our children are being slaughtered like sheep.

Imagine what what would do for Banks and Fossil Fuels that doesn't provoke such visceral outrage.

If this were a real democracy with rational well informed voters - Republicans would have had ZERO seats anywhere in the country.

Sharing my Friends FB post

When I dropped off my daughter to school, a nagging thought crossed my mind- hope she stays safe..

To #America: Congratulations, you made schools a one-sided war zone with “guns” and a mentally deranged person winning the war, every single time.

To #NRA: Profits trump the lives of citizen. Please provide more donations and less control. You may come up with a crazy like- “if only every child in the school had guns. Not just simple three round guns but “assualt rifles””.

To #social media #facebook #instagram: whats the point of your excessive data collection and fancy analytics when you can’t collude with authorities to raise redflags against deranged kids who pose with multiple knives and guns on their timelines. High time you put your behavioral analytics to appropriate use rather than something as meaningless as tweaking our timelines.

To #teachers: Thank you for protecting our kids and doing the job of the state.

To the #constitution: The pursuit of happiness is a lost battle for the parent of that child who just lost the battle against guns.

To #trump: You will forever remain an a**hole so go and build that wall with all the money the NRA will give you to shut up

Guns do not kill people.

Guns AND people do.

Since, you can't take away people.

Take the FUCKING guns away.

It's time.

Anyone from Union County?

What's up with the Democratic county chair .. Major jockeying going on for it...

I can vote for it .. any ideas whom to vote for?
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