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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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Which of your favourite musician/actor/celebrity is a Trump supporter?

For me personally - it breaks my heart that John Petrucci on Dream Theater is a Trump supporter .. while he isn't a rabid nutjob like Ted Mutant .. the fact that he follows Trump and Gop on Twitter and saying things like " I like him.. let's give me a chance " has soured me on his music.

I wish he the good sense to shut his mouth and not alienate fans like me.

I think minority party should have ability to bring an issue to vote

I think the reason why extremists have such a hold is because common sense, middle of the road bills are not even brought up for vote.

I think if there is an impasse like this where Majority is blocking a bill that will pass - the other part should be able to force a vote.

None of this fucking drama would be happening if we could bring the Graham Durbin proposal up for vote.

On Day 2 of shutdown, Trump suggests nuclear option in Senate

Source: Washington Post

The president wants a rule change to allow a simple majority to pass a spending bill to end the impasse. Trump pressured Congress to reach an agreement amid deep uncertainty over whether Democrats and Republicans could find enough common ground. On Capitol Hill, lawmakers were set for another tense day, and the start of the workweek for many federal employees is less than 24 hours away. The Senate was expected to reconvene at 1 p.m.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/trump-launches-new-round-of-partisan-attacks-as-government-shutdown-hits-day-2/2018/01/21/0560aece-fe35-11e7-a46b-a3614530bd87_story.html

Here it comes

Assuming that we absolutely dig in on DACA CHIP and the wall.. and assuming that

Republicans don't want this hanging around during state of the union address. What are McTurtle's options

1) negotiate something that will allow both sides to claim victory ( doubtful given their position)
2) cave
3) change the filibuster rule and bypass Democrats.
4) wait for Democrats to cave

Is it time for Menendez to resign?

Justice is reopening case against him.

We have a Democratic Governor who can nominate a Democratic Senator.

It will look bad for us if Menendez is convicted. So I think he should resign

Are any of you members of local democratic clubs?

If so - do you have separate bank account for the club that is separate from the party establishment in your city.

I am part of a grass roots movement that is trying to help get more democrats win. The original club was started by someone with ties to the party - but it has taken a real life of its own.

What irritates me is are directives from the state/county Democratic party machinery in terms of support for XYZ candidate, collection of dues for club members ( they wont allow any electronic payment - only check) .

I would appreciate any helpful tips

Man fools officers with car made of snow, gets fake parking ticket


I can't add an excerpt as copying text seems disabled from my phone

Not sure how the police in my town would have reacted.. wouldn't have been surprised if they tried to tow it away

on edit:

A man in Canada and local police had a good laugh after the Montreal resident fooled officers with a full-size car made entirely of snow. According to CBS affiliate WGCL-TV, Simon Laprise sculpted a life-size model of a DeLorean DMC-12 in the middle of a local snow removal zone.

The "car," made famous by the "Back to the Future" movie franchise, drew the attention of one police officer who was so fooled by Laprise's snow work he called for a second patrol car to check out the DeLorean.

CBS Los Angeles writes that after the officers realized there was no car under the snow pile, Laprise was given a fake parking ticket that read, "You made our night hahahahaha "

The 33-year-old machinist's prank was reportedly plowed clean by Montreal sanitation workers the next day but not before it gave police a funny story to tell this winter.

Will McConnell change voting rules to bypass 60 vote requirement

Won't be surprised if that happens. He may look like turtle ..but he really is a snake

Looks like Donnie likes spanking .. let's give him one in 2018

However it will be with our votes instead of his favorite Forbes magazine.

I don't believe one word coming out of Bannon's mouth.

He is a Trump guy. The whole thing is a head fake.

If he has no upside why should he give Trump up. He will become persona non grata in Republican circles for ever.
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