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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 09:32 AM
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Currently at the Mont Tremblant Ski resort.

My 3rd trip to Canada in the last 12 months. Just love the European flair .... And I can freely call Trump an Idiot without inviting hateful looks. I almost get shoulders to cry in.

Why can't the USA be like this ???


This is how the Mueller firing will unfold

He will sign an executive order that abrogates any regulatory checks on his power, and he will grant himself the power to fire Mueller. There is disagreement on this.. But in any case Trump will not give a fuck. Rules/Laws are for little people.

He will fire Mueller.

Media will go batshit crazy and every expert will called upon to give his/her opinion. Editorials will be published calling this an impeachable offence and gross abuse of power...we may even have a few of them million people protest marches. Mitch McConnell will hide inside his shell..

After a while Trump will do his next outrageous thing.

And sheep will change direction.

Mueller firing will become a memory like Comey Firing is now.

Do you think Trump will get away with it?

With each day , I feel we are getting closer to a dystopian society.. Where we will be like district 13 in hunger games.

Trump feels confident in subverting the truth.. Mueller can investigate all he wants ...Trump cant be touched and he will pardon everyone else. Mueller cant do jack shit if Trump has Congress on his side. All talk of NY attorney general going after Trump isnt serious.

He has already started campaining for 2018.

Trump loves to campaign. Its a lot more fun than governing. Expect him to unleash a torrent of hatred and nastiness .. He will continue his successful strategy of Divide and Conquer.. Which coupled with the systemic advantage that Republicans have in terms of districting and an Improving economy (thanks Obama) may be sufficient for Republicans to keep the house and senate.

Trump is about get away with collusion and possibly money laundering /Tax evasion. Republicans dont mind any of this as long as it help them stay in power.

Dark days indeed.

Eric Trump Joins Attack On Kirsten Gillibrand, Says She Asked For Money Every 3 Days

Source: HuffPo

President Donald Trump’s son Eric has echoed his dad’s recent attack on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.).

“I remember Kirsten Gillibrand when she came into his office every three days to ask him for money and ask for major campaign contributions,” Eric said in a Wednesday interview on WABC Radio with Rita Cosby. “There is no one who wanted to get into his office more than Kirsten Gillibrand.”

On Tuesday, the president tweeted that Gillibrand is a “lightweight” and “total flunky” for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). Trump added that Gillibrand would “come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago,” and “would do anything for them.”

Many people criticized Trump for the tweet, calling it sexist and sexually suggestive. A scathing USA Today editorial said the tweet showed that Trump “is not fit for office.”

Gillibrand, who has called for the president to resign in light of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him, termed his attack a “sexist smear” and tweeted defiantly that Trump “cannot silence me.”

Eric Trump told Cosby that Gillibrand is nothing but a “distraction.”

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/eric-trump-joins-attack-on-kirsten-gillibrand-says-she-asked-for-money-every-3-days_us_5a328f25e4b091ca2685f0f8?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

Yes Politicians solicit people for money to run for office .. Its normal in our country.

Unlike your family that bilked and cheated 1000's people out of their money after delivering promised goods and services. She did not stiff contractors like your useless dad.

If there's anyone who needs to be ashamed of taking other people's money - Look in the mirror.

To get some perspective ..Doug Jones is our Scott Brown

I dont see him lasting beyong 3 years ( unless he becomes a Republican)

He will have to compete again in 2020 ( presidential year)

I am such a pessimist ..what can I say?

Republican Roy Moore refuses to concede in Alabama Senate race, telling supporters, Its not over

Source: WaPo

Moore, however, refused to concede the race, speaking to supporters at about 11:34 p.m. Eastern time. He said he thought the race might go to a recount, which state law requires when a race is within 0.5 percentage points. At that point, Jones’ lead was still larger than that.

“When the vote is this close . . . it’s not over,” Moore said.

Then, Moore – who had spent much of his campaign railing against the news media – asked that the press visit the Alabama secretary of state and ask how the recount provision might be triggered in this case – that “the press will go up there and talk to them to find out what the situation is.”

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/voters-head-to-the-polls-in-contentious-senate-race-in-alabama/2017/12/11/26e36b56-deb7-11e7-8679-a9728984779c_story.html?hpid=hp_no-name_no-name%3Apage%2Fbreaking-news-bar&tidr=a_breakingnews&utm_term=.08570c3790c2

Stay tuned..looks like we havent heard last of this pedophile asshole yet

Repubicans are playing "Morality is for Losers".

While we look to take the moral heights.

We are holding ourselves to higher standards, and call for Al Franken to resign, with the hope that our arguments with Republicans will carry "Moral Weight". Well - Newsflash - Republicans dont give a FUCK about morals. We are playing the game they want us to play.


I remembered it in the fall of 2016, when Senate Republicans and then-candidate Donald Trump first made it irrevocably clear there would be no hearing for anyone Barack Obama nominated to the Supreme Court, ever, even though Obama had put up a moderate, centrist nominee who was once acceptable to Senate Republicans. I remembered it when Trump won, and we realized that that seat would stay stolen.

I remembered it this week when the Senate passed a tax bill at 2 a.m. that apparently contains a $289 billion error, thanks to the fact that it was drafted in the margins rather than adjudicated through normal congressional standards, as, say, Obamacare was.

And I remember it almost daily now, as John Conyers steps down after 52 years in Congress, amid credible allegations of sexual harassment, and Al Franken is called upon to step down, amid credible allegations of sexual harassment, while Roy Moore continues—with the president’s and the GOP’s overt endorsement—his run for Senate amid credible allegations of sexual abuse of children.

Sure, don’t stoop to their level. But let’s acknowledge that the game Republicans are forcing everyone to play insists morality is for losers.

If Moore wins Alabama ... My mind will turn into covfefe

If they vote for a child molester over a democrat.. I am left to presume that the Republican cancer has reached our collective cerebral cortex.

It will be another clarifying moment like the Senate Vote after Newtown as to what the Republicans are willing to be seen standing for.

I think past 2 years have been so shocking that our minds have not been able to process it all.. One day, maybe this country will be able to see the present times for what it is.

We unfortunately cannot fathom the enormity of the bullshit mountain. We are buried in it.

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