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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 09:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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Sayfullo Saipov is the name of suspect

Source: Msnbc

No link yet.. Reported on MTP daily

Read more: http://www.msnbc.com/mtp-daily/watch/truck-attack-in-nyc-what-we-know-1085611075758

Why the "not guilty" plea?

Does Manafort expect to be pardoned?

Else wouldn't it make sense for him to plead guilty and cooperate

In the days, weeks and the months ahead I hope this will become the DU Anthem

and Meanwhile on Fox ..

The are beating on the war drums with North Korea.

a quick 15 second snippet on the indictment and then they pivot the important story of Protesting the National Anthem.

Can I give healthy treats for Halloween like apples or baby carrots?

Candy is horrible.. I hate most of them.. The only thing I can eat is some dark chocolate..but putting out Lindt truffles is an expensive proposition.

Walmart is piloting Shelf Scanning Robots in 50 stores

Slowly but surely a large portion of humans will be pushed outside the bounds of relevance by robots and their wealthy owners.

The tipping point is here. Automation will start replacing jobs faster than we can create them.


Wal-Mart Stores Inc is rolling out shelf-scanning robots in more than 50 U.S. stores to replenish inventory faster and save employees time when products run out.

The approximately 2-foot (0.61-meter) robots come with a tower that is fitted with cameras that scan aisles to check stock and identify missing and misplaced items, incorrect prices and mislabeling. The robots pass that data to store employees, who then stock the shelves and fix errors.

Out-of-stock items are a big problem for retailers since they miss out on sales every time a shopper cannot find a product on store shelves.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer has been testing shelf-scanning robots in a handful of stores in Arkansas, Pennsylvania and California.

Republicans are really raking me over coals with their tax proposals

They are going to remove tax deferment for 401k contributions and also remove deductions for mortgage interest and local taxes.


They are stealing from the middle class to fund the tax cuts for the super rich.. I cannot believe this shit they are trying to pull off.

We need to land up in Washington with pitchforks

I keep having thoughts and fantasies of violent revenge on Republicans.

I know I will never act on it.

I don't own a gun and never will.. I wont contribute one cent of profit to the subhuman pieces of shit.

But the way Republicans subvert human justice burns me up. They have found a way to put private profit above social good in everything from environment to social insurance to education despite the fact the we are the Majority.

I do not want waste my time and energy thinking about those evil scum.. But the anger in my mind gets hard to bear at times..

I have often laughed at the 'impotent rage' of people who were raging in anger about Obama. So maybe its karmic justice that I go through the same thing.

Should USA start its own cryptocurrency?

I dont understand a lot of it - but here are some advantages vs Other Cryptocurrencies (CC) and US Dollars

The main purpose of a currency is to be a unit of transaction and for that it needs to be stable. Cryptocurrencies cannot function as currencies precisely because of their volatility (speculators and uncertainty surrounding their wider adoption).

The USA issued Cryptocurrency will wipe out credit card payment gateways like VISA/MasterCard/Amex. It may also wipe many other national currencies as everyone would have faith in a US government issued CC. But it will have many advantages

Right now CCs are an easy way to launder money due to the anonymity provided - but having our own CC and regulating it will provide a hasslefree money transfer mechanism that will aid the economy and bring it fully out into the open. No more dark economies - assuming the other cc's are killed off.

I am hoping hiding income and wealth will become harder with open source verification systems - which means that a greater portion of the money that should be taxed will be taxed.

Any thoughts?

An ex-cop in my town dressed up in blackface as Colin Kappernick showed up at a fundraiser party

Here is his picture.

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