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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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A person in my town ( Republican) is totally fine with Russian collusion

They said its totally ok as long as the right side wins

He said for him there are much bigger things at stake than anything related to Russia. As long as Trump is delivering victories on taxes, banking regulations and keeps the idiot base happy .. Trump is safe.

I could not believe what I was hearing.

This is what we are up against folks!!

Democrats should be putting out ads on Fox news that calls out Trump

I am periodically checking out Fox ... And they are going about calling us liars, FBI is corrupt, trying to entrap the president..

If we can peel away 10% of deplorables from their state of stupor .. our jobs will be so much easier

Sorry to say ..this country has double standards

If a Democratic President had done a fraction of what Republicans allow themselves to do..we would be facing a total wipeout if not political extinction.

And yet Republicans are expected to retain control of Senate and have a small chance of hanging on to the house.

What does that tell you about the country we live in?

Trump loves to give nicknames ..we should call him "Putin's Bitch"

I hope a Democratic Primary candidate ( not the eventual nominee) calls him that on national stage.

Why is that Republicans turn outrage level to 11when Obama wears a tan suit

While we can barely muster 5 for something like this.

Why isn't Chuck Schumer out with a flamethrower .. where are representatives holding pitch forks???

Fuck civility. Where is uncivility when you need it most???

What do you call an Ant that runs away with its partner?


We are like a frog being boiled to death .. Trump just turned the burner up another few notches

If we dont make an almighty effort to jump out of the pot ..we are done for.

I really wonder if the people who hacked DU on election night we're involved with the hacking of

Democratic campaign servers?
Was that ever reported to the police?

It to me, was the absolute concrete evidence of how far the tentacles of the hackers went.

We will probably never fully understand how deep and wide the conspiracy against the United States was in the time preceding the election.

I hope a smart Hollywood producer creates a movie called


or atleast make him a villian in Boss baby

I think its time to authorize a specific torture technique against Trump

Tie him up to a chair and do not let him go until his answers fit known facts.

My guess is that he will be bound to the chair for the rest of his life.
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