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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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I hope a smart Hollywood producer creates a movie called


or atleast make him a villian in Boss baby

I think its time to authorize a specific torture technique against Trump

Tie him up to a chair and do not let him go until his answers fit known facts.

My guess is that he will be bound to the chair for the rest of his life.

Roe is safe. Lot else may be not.

Roe v Wade is a goose that lays electoral golden eggs for the pukes. They want to use it to win battles for corporate interests against the federal government.

Deciding to overturn will create a nightmare scenario in states that ban abortions.

I feel bad for Scott Pruitt.

He is poor as a country mouse in the circles he moved into .... . and tried living a rich life at the taxpayers expense. He could not even manage that with any degree of sophistication.

His ABSOLUTE low point had to be being exposed trying to buy a used Trump matress.

A homeless man probably has to have more self worth than that fucker.

How confident are you that Mueller will be able to nail Trump?

I am not taking about facts/evidence.

But overcoming the Obstacles that Trump/Republicans will present including refusing to appear before a Grand Jury

Michael Cohen can sing like Celine Dion if he wants to .. but absent a political will to bring Trump to Justice - How confident are you?

The only issue Republicans REALLY care about is


Every other stance , policy position,SCOTUS appointment, issue etc is either in service of the above or just lip service.

They are in a almighty struggle for restoring a Jim Crow era social order over and above anything else. The deplorables clearly understand this and hence every sin Trump has committed is forgiven. He can rape a woman on live television but they will still support him.

Assuming that 45% of this country is composed of RACIST garbage ... What should we be doing?

And what do we do if they are over 50% of LIKELY (after accounting for suppression) VOTERS?? I seriously think we are undercounting the racists in America. People assume that Democrats are going to win the house. But given computer optimized gerrymandering and latent racism - I think it's harder to get there than we think it to be.

A domesticated pig let loose in the wild returns to it's feral state in a just a few generations... I think the same could apply to us. Hard won fights on social and civil can be undermined very quickly.

Its time for Obama to step back in the political realm and become our voice. These are extraordinary times and need extraordinary measures.

Because If you think Trump is going to shut up and go away quietly after being voted out/term limited - Think again.

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