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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
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If Muller gets too close to his dirty financial dealings0 and subpoenas his tax records

Do you think:

a) He will fire him , try to subvert the process and deal with the consequent mess.


b) Resign after cutting a deal to secure a pardon from Pence, admit no wrongdoing and keep his records sealed.

I think b) is more likely.

Why actually did sessions recuse himself?

I see the point of the article below. Given all the other unethical/ illegal things they did .. Why recusal?

Given the collective gold fishesque memory, and our infinite capacity to become numbed to the daily scandals of this administration-it would have made sense te stay involved.

My only guess is that Sessions did not think it through or was intimidated by Comey.


But Trump was right to be shocked when Sessions willingly stepped aside. Though it may have seemed like a no-brainer at the time, the fact that Sessions did the right thing stands, in retrospect, as the biggest surprise of the Trump era so far and one of the only instances in which this administration has lived up to a typical standard of government ethics.

BREAKING: GOP health-care effort suffers another setback ( 3rd No)

Source: Washington Post

BREAKING: GOP health-care effort suffers another setback, as three Republican senators come out against McConnells repeal-only idea

As divisions between the two main ideological camps within the GOP widened Tuesday, Republicans were scrambling to contain the political fallout from the collapse of a months-long effort to rewrite Barack Obamas signature domestic accomplishment.

President Trump predicted Tuesday morning that Republicans may wait for the federal insurance market to collapse and then work to broker a deal to rewrite the nations landmark health-care law, while Senate leaders pressed ahead with a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no immediate replacement.

But it became quickly apparent that GOP leaders, who were caught off guard by defections of their members Monday night, lacked the votes to abolish parts of the 2010 law outright. Three centrist Republican senators Susan Collins (Maine), Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) all said they would oppose any vote to proceed with an immediate repeal of the law.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/trump-suggests-republicans-will-let-aca-market-collapse-then-rewrite-health-law/2017/07/18/5e79a3ec-6bac-11e7-b9e2-2056e768a7e5_story.html?tid=a_breakingnews&utm_term=.c2551f26166d


That Alexander Hamilton quote you need to read in case you've not yet seen it.

Pulled this from John Fugelsang's facebook feed

This is what we are up against.

Dont assume for one second that Donnie is in any trouble. Most Republicans are fine, despite what they may say outwardly, with the fact that Donald Trump may have colluded with Russia. It no big deal. They dont know what the fuss is all about. After all what could be more important than defeating a Democrat.

So impeaching him, despite whatever Robert Muller might find, will only enrage the base against the party. So not worth it. They wont even try. They will pretend, obfuscate, avoid dealing with it anyway they can.


But even if the president’s son had collected incriminating information about Clinton and even if the Trump campaign had then used that against her, some Trump supporters say they would have been fine with that.

“If there was real information about Hillary Clinton that the public needed to know, I understand why that was disseminated if that was the case,” said Robert Jeffress, senior pastor at the 13,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas and an early Trump supporter who praised the president during the “Celebrate Freedom” concert at the Kennedy Center on July 1.

“What I have followed does not concern me at all,” Jeffress said. “I remain 100 percent committed to this president and his agenda


Am curious ..any one find buyer's remorse over at freeperville?

I did a cursory search and could find nothing of the sort..

But there is only so long you can swim in a cesspool.

Can a President pardon in his circle in a crime that relates to a potential impeachment?

If so, shouldn't that power be removed from the president?
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