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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
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When Conservatives Turned Into Radicals

Deep down all of us intuitively know what this article seeks to convey.. But still, it is refreshing to read it.

When ‘Conservatives’ Turned Into Radicals https://nyti.ms/2iOOACr

For centuries, conservative politics has considered itself a means of preserving something — a culture, a way of being, an imagined notion of what once was and should be again.


What my time at that student paper taught me is that conservatism has long had two faces — one for its ideological elites and another for its voters. Its intellectual class debates free markets and constitutional law, but the message for voters is consistently different, full of sinister socialist plots and black welfare recipients soaking up tax money


. At the conferences the Collegiate Network sent me to, no one was discussing tax policy or the nature of effective governance; they were debating whether Barack Obama was a “real” American and whether Sarah Palin could unseat him in 2012, based on pure and unfettered loathing. Nothing was being conserved

Jeff sessions is in deep doo doo.. Looks like Trump has enough grounds to fire Him

Will he?

I hope he does.. And watch his approval go into low 20's

Ari Melber is so good

I think he should get the 8pm slot.

This is terrible tax plan for middle level managers

There are those of us who are hard working reliable mid-level managers .. But not quite superstars.. We stuck in middle.. And hung out to dry..

We are going to get fucked.. And there won't be anyone to help us. If you don't itemize your returns - I am sure you are quite happy with the doubling of std. deduction. If you earn mainly through an llc or a corporation.. You are going to be making out like a bandit.

Those of us working 50-60 weeks, killing ourselves for the next promotion and be able to pay our mortgages.. And the super high property taxes (not uncommon to pay 25000 in my town) so that our kids can go to good schools.

For all my troubles - the following things are probably gone: state and local tax deduction, mortgage interest deduction and tax deferred 401 contributions.

I am sure there will be many on DU who don't care much for any of the above.. But just because it doesn't affect you does not mean that it is not a punch to the gut for someone.

I am all for shared burden.. But in this case Republicans are stealing from the educated upper middle class (who mostly vote Democratic) and giving it to the filthy rich.

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