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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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Speculation on the Air Melber

The reorg at State is with a view to get the CIA to counter Mueller ..and get him shut down on National Security Grounds.

Far fetched -maybe. But I would not put anything past agent Orange.

We need to take back the house AND senate.

There should be a rule in the senate... Repealing anything that took 60 votes

To pass should require 60 votes to repeal.

Anything less is a betrayal of democracy.

I am a vegetarian .. My wife loves her meat and so does my 6 year

Old daughter.

I respect my wife's choice ... And that of my kid's. I don't want anyone to force beliefs on others. However my daughter has started to notice that I mostly eat plants.. And asks me about it ..

How can I explain beyond "I prefer eating plants" ...

.. We have never really had a debate about it .Deep inside I feel its moral issue ... That is what drives my choice....But I am too scared to come across as being judgemental...( I am not .. But when you discuss things like this ..you cannot stay in control of the conversation and might say something stupid)

Richard Cordray is stepping down as head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Richard Cordray is stepping down as head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

I have to hand it to the Republicans.. They simultaneously pretend to be for the little guy while continually screwing him in so many different ways.

Republicans are adding removal of insurance mandate

This is on top of many other heartless measures to shovel money to those sitting on piles of it.

At this point.. I wonder if this is a stunt on bill destined to fail.. Or is it time for us to freak out.

Update from my little Republican town in NJ

We have been so red that for all practical purposes - the Republican primary was the only election that mattered. Republicans running upopposed in the General has been the norm.

But something happened last year following cheeto's election. We dems got organized.. Had multiple meetings and got 2 candidates to run for town council.

We knocked on over 3000 doors. We gave out flyers at soccer grounds. We had folks protesting our Republican congressman. Our enthusiasm was so palpable that Republicans for the FIRST TIME ever went door to door.

The were 5 candidates in all. 2 Ds 2Rs and 1 Libertarian.

So after the votes were tallied, our main Democratic candidate was the highest vote getter. She is in.

We currently have an R at the second place - but she is ahead of the third place Democrat by 8 votes. Eight fucking votes. But there are 21 provisional ballots yet to be counted.

So we still have a long shot to win both seats.

Stay tuned.


out of 21 ballots only 14 were found valid. The R and D candidates got 7 each. So we lost the second seat by 8 votes.

I have an idea..

We should tax PAC donations, say 35%, and pay it to voters who cast their vote for any political party.. But they should cast their vote.

This will reduce impact of big money in politics and increase participation in democracy.

Since this isn't a bribe to vote one way or another.. I think it will fly legally.

Any fatal flaws, legally speaking, with this. This will be death knell of the Republicans.. So they will never let it happen.

Trump is right.

Trump is absolutely right.

It's not a gun issue - it's a mental health issue.

The law makers responsible for gun laws are mentally ill.

My thoughts and prayers are with the lawmakers to make a speedy recovery at this difficult hour.

Best analogy Evah!!!

Question : Why do women get all attractive if they don't want to be harassed?

Answer : Why do you make your house so attractive if you donít want someone to break in and start taking stuff?

This is from the article below

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