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Member since: Fri Mar 17, 2017, 03:32 AM
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My brother used to annoy me all the time when we were younger...

When we were kids, my younger brother knew how to push my buttons. He knew that repetition of any annoying phrase or song would get to me eventually, especially when we were trapped together on long car rides.

Looks like Guillaumeb has been talking to my brother:


A Pats fan despite the reputation for "loving" Trump...

I have seen it asked a number of times over the past two years: "How can you support the Patriots when they are Trump-humpers"?

1.) Kraft is a friend of Trumps, sure. Brady might also be one, but that doesn't mean that the entire team supports Trump. It also doesn't even mean that Kraft or Brady support Trump's current policies or rhetoric.

2.) How many other owners in the NFL are Trump-humpers? How many don't like Trump but would support any other Republican politician? How many players would do the same?

3.) Regardless of what team wins (including the Pats), we all get to eagerly await the vocal no-shows for the traditional meeting with the president. Furthermore, since Brady is "known" to be friendly with Trump, it is even more sweet when he decides not to attend the meeting with the president (regardless of his stated reasons).

Donald Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, has never visited the Statue of Liberty

That is one major twist I gleaned from his comment asking why people from "s***hole countries" come here.

My thought on this is that the people from those countries understand America a lot better than its current President.
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