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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 02:15 AM
Number of posts: 662

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This is my 500th post, after joining DU on March 8, 2017.

When I noticed how close I was to 500, I decided to time it so that my 500th would be at the end of the craven, immoral, evil and vulgar term of #45, the PINO.
DU has helped me through 4 years that have often included events so horrific I could not have imagined them before they took place. I will not list them. I know we can all replay our own lists in our minds. Thank you DU!!
I'll begin by second set of 500, with the 501st, at what should be at the start of the Biden Presidency. I am so traumatized by the past 4 years that I cannot even write such a phrase without hedging the statement about a future 10 minutes from here with the modifier " should".
How long will it take for even a fraction of this trauma to heal? How much is irreversible?

Thoughts on masks in cold weather

I am in the Northeast, and wanted to say hiw much more comfortable masks make me when I go out in the cold. The warmer, moister air does not irritate my throat the way cold, dry air does. It is more comforable for me to be active outside now.
I will not go back post-pandemic, even if I switch to masks designed specifically for cold weather.

Are they wasting the $ on a decoy second plane?

He wouldn't get one if he had waited a few hours to fly as ex-president. And what is the point? If anything happened then Pence would be sworn in for an hour or two, and then Biden is inaugurated.
I know, it is probably protocol.
And at this point I am just happy to see him slinking back to his lair at Mar-a-Lago. Let him get back to his more minor lifetime baseline of illegal antics, such as violating a city ordinance by making it his residence.
But for one the last times with the orange Popsicle as PINO, think about how Fox would be freaking out at the cost if a Dem required a second decoy plane in the last hours of their presidency because they were sulking and left DC "early"?

For the sake of the permanent WH staff...

I hope Twitter gave Dump's doctor a heads up on cutting off his Twitter. That way, he could be on standby in the next room with injectible sedatives.
Or perhaps antipsychotics -- depending on how far this pushes him out of his already cracked and unhinged mind.

Trump says "I will not be going to inauguration". MAGAiot supporters hear:

"I won't be there, so it is open season on the attendees. Any Republican there has betrayed be by attending, so they deserve what they get".
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