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Childcare solutions

My husband just pointed out that all the high school students can provide childcare for younger ones when schools are closed.

Going from there - - high schoolers could can earn money OR get community service hours.

I suggested my stepson help by setting up a website that will help parents of young kids find teens nearby to babysit.  

Even younger middle schoolers can provide childcare when parents are working from home. They keep the kids occupied so the parents can get work done.

Setting this up would have to take into account when a school is doing live online instruction.

Using social Media for protesting

Since this is not the time to go to the streets, I posted the Masked Trump New Yorker Cover as my Facebook Profile photo. I hope it cstches on.
I don't know how to upload an image, so here is a link.


Missed educational opportunity on SNL last night

At the end of the cold open skit, when Warren meets her supporter (Kate McKinnon) they hug tightly. They also put their arms around each other for the trademark "Live from New York, it's...".
This skit will be viewed hundreds of thousands of people. It could have been an education opportunity on how to greet and have fun without hugging. If done well, it could have had an extremely powerful message about new standards in the midst of an epidemic, and not have appeared to be mocking the need for social distancing in any way.
That is how to create new social norms quickly in a way that sticks.
Imagine if it had even a fraction of the impact of Tina Fey's "I can see Russia from..." skit.
A missed opportunity.

The cat rescuer of Wuhan - a video

Posted by The Guardian. Amazing, and at times sad story of a man taking care of cats whose owners could not get back to them in Wuhan due to the quarantine. Great video of empty Wuhan.
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