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The term "Pack the court"

The republicans are emphasizing that this is what the democrats may do, while claiming they (the Repugs) have done no such thing.
And what the Repugs have done might not meet the historical definition.
A more accurate terminology for what the Repugs have done could be "Hijack the Courts".
Democrats are now attempting to Free the Courts from this successful hijacking at the hands of procedural terrorists -- - McConnell and his cronies, and the dark forces behind them.

Nicole Wallace - Pence was "limp and lame" n/t

If Pence doesn't have COVID yet

He's sure to get it when Trump calls him over to the white house to yell at him for his "weak" performance in this debate.
Trump won't wear a mask, the room will be small, and if Pence wears a mask Trump will scream at him and shame him until Pence takes it off.

Page even speaks louder over Kamala than she does with Pence

On the very rare occasion that she finds a need to call time on Kamala.

I am amazed that Kamala

Is able to keep from guffawing at some of his most egregious lies.
I know she is too skilled and classy for that. And I admire her restraint.

Is the inpatient team incompetent, or do they actively despise this administration?

Are they so incompetent that they did not let Trump know that a psych hold and evaluation would be the immediate result if he tried to leave the ward to take a joy ride?
They would then rely on Trump having the decision making capacity to choose NOT to pull this stunt.
OR, if he tried still tried to go ahead with it, he would further prove to them that he is incapacitated and needs immediate psychiatric evaluation and care.

An alternative is that his medical team despises him enough to let him further self-destruct in the public's view through this selfish and crazy joy ride.
I had thought that this medical team actively hating him and trying to sabotage him was a possible reason that they agreed to his idiotic demands as to what can and can't be released during the 2 inane daily medical press conferences thus far. Trump and the admin would have been better served by a bland daily written statement from the medical team. These farcical press conferences have even further destroyed this admin's credibility.

WTF! Why hasn't he been civilly committed?

Just catching up on the s-show after 6 hours away.
He meets criteria for civil commitment in Maryland.
Summary per NAMI site:
"Maryland law allows involuntary admission to a hospital when a person: has a mental disorder and needs inpatient care or treatment and presents a danger to the life or safety of the person or others and is unable or unwilling to be admitted voluntarily and there is no available less restrictive form of intervention ..."

Yes, I know all the reasons they have not done this to the " Commander in Chief".
And that pot with the frog is boiling over, now

Reminder: last night Delta allowed 3 repug politcians with known COVID exposure on a plane.

Reminder: Delta allowed 3 Repug Congresscritters on a flight last night, although they have known exposure to COVID in recent days.

I don't want this to get lost in the slew if crazy news.
Enablers (eg: Delta) of entitled potential spreaders (the 3 repug politicians) need to be identified. This helps all of us make safer choices.

"Politicians Exposed To Coronavirus Fly Delta, Violate Rules
OCTOBER 3, 2020 BY BEN 12
It would appear that several politicians don’t think that airline rules apply to them, and this goes beyond wearing masks.

In this post:
Politicians violate 14-day exposure rule
And then you have senators still not wearing masks…"

"During check-in, Delta requires passengers to confirm that they haven’t been knowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days:

To protect the safety of all our customers, we cannot allow anyone to fly who knows they have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past two weeks. To travel with us, you must agree that you are not aware that you and, to your knowledge, those in your itinerary have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

The three were traveling last night from Washington National Airport to Minneapolis St. Paul on DL1043..."


Original Star Tribune article:

That helicopter landed incredibly close to the White House.

Trying to cut down on his walk distance?
Keep him from being videod walking?

I don't watch Marine 1 walks often, but this looks really close to the building for landing.

What is happening at the debate site, Case Western Reserve University?

All those potentially positive people without masks. How many may have been nearby coming and going? And support people in the debate hall. The location needs to ge cleaned.
Honestly, though, there is some karma in that they allowed attendees to not wear masks. They should have been warned -- "no masks, no attendance" ahead of time and/ or had a portable pexiglass separation with loud air cleaning system ready to put in place around the maskless. If the staff who asked them to put on masks get sick, I hope they sue. And if not, perhaps sue the Trump campaign, debate commission, and even CWU for reckless endangerment and emotional distress.
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