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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 02:15 AM
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Where are the men he partied with?

The DKEs, the T and C?
They aren't coming out to confirm his descriptions of himself, but they aren't refuting it like the women he partied with and was friends with at Yale. Or the roommate from a different background -- the sort of person he would have been able to isolate himself from after first year when he had more choice in housing.
The boys clubs silently circling the wagons around him?
I hope the members are questioned by the FBI.

Melt down again Kavanaugh

Melt down further. More than yesterday. Take up twitter luke your prez hero.
Show who you really are again, and further, in your frustration that you might have to wait another 4 whole days (past the 3 d wait required procedurally, to make 7 dsys).
Show your temper.
It must be a Clinton plot.
Doesn't a brewski sound good right now. Or 2, or 3, or....
Show us your righteous anger.

Trump says "hard to imagine" Kavanaugh sexual assault

Perhaps he's not the sort if person Trump had seen in the settings where Trump and others are participating in such activities.

A second assault was scheduled for this coming Monday

- The republicans set their hearing for Monday without consultation with Ford or her lawyer.
- They did not engage in any discussion with Ford or her lawyer about how the hearing would occur, who would be there, who would question her, etc.
- Meanwhile, she is being re-traumatized through death threats and harassment. And it appears she has been offered no protection to date from the threats, privacy invasion, and potential assault that would clearly come to her and her family after she went public.

She was just summoned to the Senate on their terms, with no discussion or interim or post protection offered.

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