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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 02:15 AM
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Give Trump your opinion on the media

I got on his listserve, and this is a link to a survey he is asking his supporters to fill out.
I hope it works - apologies if not.


I have somehow ended up on a Donald Trump e-mail list

To share the wealth, this is the latest. The "contribute" lines are buttons in the e-mail. And it came with a picture of Dump.


The Despite the liberal obstructionists in the Senate, our Administration has accomplished more in just NINE months than any other president has done in DECADES.

Thanks to your constant support, we have the momentum to combat their vicious attacks, and we’re working day and night to deliver on each and every promise made last November.

That means bringing illegal border crossings down to their lowest points in almost two decades, liberating the capital of ISIS, bringing back our jobs, cutting terrible regulations, appointing tons of conservative justices, and giving ICE the resources they need to enforce the LAW.

I count on top supporters like you to help us get these things done. If you’re with me, are you willing to contribute $100, $50, $25, or even just $10 before our end-of-month deadline?

We can’t let up now, Friend.

If you’re with me, and ready to make this country a nation we can be proud of for generations, I need your support before this month’s deadline:







There is still so much more to do...

We’re fighting for the biggest tax cuts in history.

We’re fighting for a WALL that will secure our border and keep this country safe.

We’re fighting for real solutions to the problems that have crippled our country for the last 8 years.

I hope you’ll continue to fight alongside me,

Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States


I keep thinking that after this pardon the Trump presidency is over

It will now be forced to end (in one of the available ways) or we can state clearly that he is no longer functioning as a president. He is now a dictator.

What is Trump trying to distract us from with talk of possible Mueller firing?

- Suit against businesses by MD and DC AGs filed today?
- Further court failure of Muslim ban?
- Ridiculous cabinet meeting today?
- Sessions and his testimony tomorrow?
Why is the media letting him control the news with these planted hypotheticals?

Not on Montana local webpage

NBC Montana affiliate.

Trump will need to go to BFF Ailes's funeral

Will probably want to speak there, too.
An excuse to shorten or cancel the trip abroad.
Ailes helping Trump out, even in death!

It is unquestionably time to invoke the 25th amendment

Trump is clearly incapable of safely performing the duties of President.
Regardless of results, process, etc of other investigations and processes, Trump has definitely demonstrated that he cannot carry out the duties of the office.

Trump's Foreign Trip

I hope he is greated by protesters everywhere possible.
- Saudi Arabia - not possible there that I can imagine
-The Vatican ( at least outside in Rome)
- Israel - yes, and hopefully many motivated including Americans and dual citizens.
-Brussels - easy train ride from much of western europe. French, Germans, Dutch, Belgians --please show and protest Trump.
- Sicily - if not enough people to protest there, great time of year for a protesting vacation from anywhere in Europe.

I just called the senators in my very blue state

To say that I support a slowdown/shutdown of most or all legislation and appointments until decisive action is taken by Congress to address Trump's many illegal statements and actions, etc.
If Republicans are putting up with him to advance their legislative agenda, then we must make it so that not addressing his outrageous behavior and actions will hinder the legislative agenda even more.
I have only called my Senators once or twice before, as I usually do not feel a need to. Instead, I call red or purple Senators in state where I have a strong family connection.
Please consider calling your democratic Senators and Reps with this or a similar message.

Did I just hear correctly on MSNBC

That the wash post reporter said people working with the Trump administration are being required to sign a loyalty oath? And that she has a friend who will be leaving her job because she will not sign it?
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