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Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinics, part of UPMC

Is right across the street from the main UPMC hospital (with the trauma center).
Just saying.
Here is Allegheny County's commitment process.


Of course, the jail is right off the highway for the motorcade. Might be safer to go see his new antisemitic murderer bud in jail. The optics wouldn't be good for the presidential pardon yet.

Atlantic article "I Know Brett Kavanaugh, but I Wouldn't Confirm Him" Benjamin Wittes

If I were a senator, I would not vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

These are words I write with no pleasure, but with deep sadness. Unlike many people who will read them with glee—as validating preexisting political, philosophical, or jurisprudential opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination—I have no hostility to or particular fear of conservative jurisprudence. I have a long relationship with Kavanaugh, and I have always liked him. I have admired his career on the D.C. Circuit. I have spoken warmly of him. I have published him. I have vouched publicly for his character—more than once—and taken a fair bit of heat for doing so. I have also spent a substantial portion of my adult life defending the proposition that judicial nominees are entitled to a measure of decency from the Senate and that there should be norms of civility within a process that showed Kavanaugh none even before the current allegations arose.

This is an article I never imagined myself writing, that I never wanted to write, that I wish I could not write.

I am also keenly aware that rejecting Kavanaugh on the record currently before the Senate will set a dangerous precedent. The allegations against him remain unproven. They arose publicly late in the process and, by their nature, are not amenable to decisive factual rebuttal. It is a real possibility that Kavanaugh is telling the truth and that he has had his life turned upside down over a falsehood. Even assuming that Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations are entirely accurate, rejecting him on the current record could incentivize not merely other sexual-assault victims to come forward—which would be a salutary thing—but also other late-stage allegations of a non-falsifiable nature by people who are not acting in good faith. We are on a dangerous road, and the judicial confirmation wars are going to get a lot worse for our traveling down it.

Despite all of that, if I were a senator, I would vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I would do it both because of Ford’s testimony and because of Kavanaugh’s. For reasons I will describe, I find her account more believable than his. I would also do it because whatever the truth of what happened in the summer of 1982, Thursday’s hearing left Kavanaugh nonviable as a justice...


My recollection is that the story for why Bill Clinton avoided the truth,

Got all technical about what sex was, etc, under oath was due to fear of Hilary's reaction.
I don't know if that was true.
I just wonder if Kavanaugh presented himself as a "choir boy" from the time he met his wife, and he is afraid of her reaction if she hears that he lied about that (from him, in a way she can't deny to herself).
No excuse for him, and probably minor in relation to all the crazy Trumpy dynamics and lying and deals going on.
But I wonder.
And for those who think he is no angel to her at home, that would get rid of his "you're driving me to it" etc excuses that he uses to blame and to say it is new.

Where are the men he partied with?

The DKEs, the T and C?
They aren't coming out to confirm his descriptions of himself, but they aren't refuting it like the women he partied with and was friends with at Yale. Or the roommate from a different background -- the sort of person he would have been able to isolate himself from after first year when he had more choice in housing.
The boys clubs silently circling the wagons around him?
I hope the members are questioned by the FBI.

Melt down again Kavanaugh

Melt down further. More than yesterday. Take up twitter luke your prez hero.
Show who you really are again, and further, in your frustration that you might have to wait another 4 whole days (past the 3 d wait required procedurally, to make 7 dsys).
Show your temper.
It must be a Clinton plot.
Doesn't a brewski sound good right now. Or 2, or 3, or....
Show us your righteous anger.

Trump says "hard to imagine" Kavanaugh sexual assault

Perhaps he's not the sort if person Trump had seen in the settings where Trump and others are participating in such activities.

A second assault was scheduled for this coming Monday

- The republicans set their hearing for Monday without consultation with Ford or her lawyer.
- They did not engage in any discussion with Ford or her lawyer about how the hearing would occur, who would be there, who would question her, etc.
- Meanwhile, she is being re-traumatized through death threats and harassment. And it appears she has been offered no protection to date from the threats, privacy invasion, and potential assault that would clearly come to her and her family after she went public.

She was just summoned to the Senate on their terms, with no discussion or interim or post protection offered.

Give Trump your opinion on the media

I got on his listserve, and this is a link to a survey he is asking his supporters to fill out.
I hope it works - apologies if not.


I have somehow ended up on a Donald Trump e-mail list

To share the wealth, this is the latest. The "contribute" lines are buttons in the e-mail. And it came with a picture of Dump.


The Despite the liberal obstructionists in the Senate, our Administration has accomplished more in just NINE months than any other president has done in DECADES.

Thanks to your constant support, we have the momentum to combat their vicious attacks, and we’re working day and night to deliver on each and every promise made last November.

That means bringing illegal border crossings down to their lowest points in almost two decades, liberating the capital of ISIS, bringing back our jobs, cutting terrible regulations, appointing tons of conservative justices, and giving ICE the resources they need to enforce the LAW.

I count on top supporters like you to help us get these things done. If you’re with me, are you willing to contribute $100, $50, $25, or even just $10 before our end-of-month deadline?

We can’t let up now, Friend.

If you’re with me, and ready to make this country a nation we can be proud of for generations, I need your support before this month’s deadline:







There is still so much more to do...

We’re fighting for the biggest tax cuts in history.

We’re fighting for a WALL that will secure our border and keep this country safe.

We’re fighting for real solutions to the problems that have crippled our country for the last 8 years.

I hope you’ll continue to fight alongside me,

Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

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