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Member since: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 09:22 PM
Number of posts: 384

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"It" sounded tired, old, and done tonight. The cult? Not done.

Jan 6 rioters killed Capitol police. Another policeman died today. How is that different?

I know that the baffle gab will start but how do you justify ďpatriotsĒ killing cap police officers and then this guy today? How is there any difference?

"Stand By" - JFC.

"Unfit" - do not watch. Don't waste your money.

They give Scaramucci an unadulterated 5 mins to state that Trump is one of the smartest people of all time, and a genius for connecting with the working class despite his (Trumpís) shortcomings. Scaramucci is provided the further opportunity to give his background and resume. Really? JFC.

Low production values and (Trumpís fault for daily catastrophes) months behind in news. Donít waste your time.

Why aren't Trump's Hannity comments, "I don't want to be nice or un-nice"

And ďsome people donít love me maybeĒ Comments becoming major news on this board right now? I canít copy the Aaron Rupar thread on this device but those comments were nuts - demonstrates that the man has some form of dementia.

Kungflu. To George Conway: If a man disrespected my children I would break his jaw.

If my wife disrespected my children like that , I would divorce my wife. George, you talk a big game with the Lincoln Project but you are no father. Fuck you.

Rhetorical Q: How does this administration support "Peaceful protest" while demonizing Kaepernick?

How can any American support this? The hypocrisy and hatred just eats at me. Blah.

Hyprocisy: If Trump is a King, then Obama was also a King.

Yeah, I know.

On Spankyís own argument of Presidential powers (ie. statue and constitution donít apply to Prezdent) - if he has ultimate authority to investigate his political rivals then so did Obama.

The number of Americans that should just go and fuck themselves has reached historic propotions

A strong and powerful self-fucking like has never been seen before, or that could have been imagined in the history of self-fucking. A tremendous and beautiful self-fucking.

Does he not realize that Sunshine will kill the vampire vote?!

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