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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

Journal Archives

Do NOT be ashamed, or the freakin weirdos win.

YOU KNOW right from wrong,
Compassion from hatred,
Kindness from ugliness,
PEACE from violence,
Generosity from greed,
Healing from pain,

YOU have a Heart, Mind, SPIRIT.
GIVE YourSelf where it makes a positive difference.
Do NOT spend it on freakin weirdos.
Take goood Care of YourSelf.
Bless YOU 💖

"Don't leave me alone with trump!" sez ever'body

With a lick of sense & self respect.

O, hey, Y'all!
TOMORROW is a BIG FREAKIN DEAL Day of hearings!
4 top INTEL heads, Coates, Rosenstein, etc ..
I've been seriously vibing on this.. this will be bigger than Comey Day. I BELIEVE.

YES, thank You, Pres.Kerry!!

We really need some election reform, Y'all.

I can SO relate.I WANT to BELIEVE..

That MOST people are basically goood..
I put people on a pedestal.. & when they fall off, I am the one who gets hurt.
When I DON'T follow my Instincts.. I am screwn.
Every time!
Trust YourSelf! 💖


Gwen Ifill
Cyber bullies
Norman Lear

Very inspiring.
We ain't screwn.
3 lil birds..
Ever lil thang...
Gonna be awww right.

Thank You, SheShe! BEAUTEOUS! 🌎

Absotively BEAUTY-FULL.
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