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Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

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You touch our Hearts with Your Words & photos

& Works. Thank YOU. Thank YOU. 💖


Feeling a bit weary, disCouraged, this night..
but THIS is temporary.
"Ever thang gonna be all right,
Ever thang gonna be all right! "

SNL.."wasn't there a protest or something?"..

"O, yeah, I meant to go to that"..
Whoever YOU are.
Where ever YOU are.
Do what ever YOU can.

God Bless America.

SO tired of this, tired of feeling Heartbroken, grieving..

This has to stop.I don't know what else to do to stop this..the perpetrator-police are so seldom held to account. Calling city officials? LtE? Wth can I do?

I have very mixed feelings on this.

I love the programs like "wait,wait, don't tell me", "snap judgment","this American Life", "Moth story hour", "Texas Standard", "Fresh Air", "Think" & "On Being"💜.
I've listened to npr, depended on npr, supported npr, DAILY, since the *years. I became very disillusioned with "Morning Edition", in the Obama administration.. a definite slant TOWARDS their corporate sponsors, ie, kock bros, big oil..
& the 1st time I heard Steve Inskeep interview Pres. Obama, I was LIVID. He was SO rude, disrespectful, argumentative, constantly interrupting..VERY offensive to me.
Then, the past year or so, they were so pushing the nonsense that Hillary couldn't be trusted, never giving the same skepticism of trump, letting him skate, with all his obvious flaws & questionable connections & actions. They turned themselves inside-OUT to give that freak & his supporters (more than)equal time, with out equal SCRUTINY.
AFTER my bawling all night election night, suddenly the very next "Morning Edition" was all incredulous & aghast, about all the potential "conflicts of interest" & NO experience & bad temperament, & possible connections to pooty, & mobsters, & "what about all his businesses? ? !"
I was physically ill, & yelled out loud, "NOW you ask questions? !?" (& some cussing happened).
By the way, I encourage you to check out that morning's showin their archives. I can't.

I will say, they are more "fair" now than the past 8 yrs.BFD. The damage is done.

I see LOTS of PBS commercials to support PBS, and npr is doing their spring fund-begging, & I have to admit...o,well! Let 'em sweat & squirm. They earned it.
Maybe not as conflicted as I thought I was.
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