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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

Journal Archives

"Changed from counter Intel to criminal investigation"

Did I hear that right? !
L. Graham, after Rosenstein testimony.
Listening to cspan radio.

"trump completely fucked"! YAAAAY!

Stay STRONG, Y'all! & keep making those phone calls, emails..& in the streets, June 3!! or before.
Justice WILL prevail.. but it needs our actions & voices to happen.

Not just 'worthy' of our activism..
DEMANDS our activism. However YOU can.

Dems weekly luncheon on cspan radio!

SPEECHES! Catch it if You can! They are po'd, bringing it!!

Houston Rep. Al Green:Time to IMPEACH.

Yes! Www.khou.com reporting, along with others.
I will be letting him know I support & appreciate it!
Have to see the video of this.

I cringe, too!Every day, I hear that term,&freak the heck OUT! !

& remind mySelf. .
Ohhhhmmms. ! This is temporary.
WE have WORK to do !!
whuttt a freak!

Where the heck are the kids? !?

You know, trump's trusted advisors?
Seems fishy to me.
Are they held hostage by the ruskies?
Up to no good?
What's the deal?


& it takes some doin to make me cuss in front of God & ever'body!!

Friday night wine buzz & Aristus on vaca!?!

Fri night after a TUFF week.
I got my Friday night wine buzz on.
Aristus on a well deserved vacation.

WHO the heck is in charge o' Fri night wine buzz thread tonight? !?

I'd say, 'Ask me anything', but I'm next to useless about now.

Please KNOW: WE WILL NOT stand for this abomination.

Please continue to stand with US. To BELIEVE in the PROMISE that IS AMERICA.
We WILL overcome the crazy. Send US Your POSITIVE ENERGY, YOUR LOVE, YOUR HOPE.
We can, & WILL, do this. BELIEVE IT.

& Thank YOU.💖

KICK for more exposure.

Russian 'press' only..
Bringing 'hi tech' equipment..
Russia dude LAUGHING that Comey was fired..
Please, join me, in phone calls, in the streets,
However YOU can..
& stay STRONG, Y'all.
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