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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

Journal Archives

Jane Goodall,& Diane Furstnberg on Charlie Rose

Now! 💖 sorry I can't link.

I always think Rose is worse interviewer than tweety, but he is doing ok tonight. .showing RESPECT!

I am conflicted!

I mostly only say s***! if I stub my toe or bang an elbow.
I was over 35 before I ever said the fuck-word..I made up for lost time during the *years. During the Obama years, I seldom said the fuck-word.That was nice. 💖 I have been saying the fuck-word ALOT since November.
I'm conflicted, but God knows I cuss, and He's ok with it.
I believe sometimes God cries & cusses, too.

Watching PBS war shows for the past 2 nights..

Comparing today to those days ..

#1) propaganda remains the same
#2) PEACE activists.. ! ..then & now!
#3) racism & prejudice.. fight over seas, for rights you can't have in the US.
#4) Women! for PEACE & JUSTICE!

We've been through worse.. & survived.
We haven't learned a freakin thing.
This is trippin all my triggers,
I'm an Iraq Vet's mama.
Please say Prayers, if You pray,
& call, email, protest, NOW.

Did DU get the upgrade last week?

Did it go ok? I never noticed any down time,& with all the misadventures, I was a bit anxious.
I did get an alert that my phone got a virus, seems ok,now, but reminded me of last week's DU security upgrade. Thanks, admins, for looking out for us!
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