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Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

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We need this!💖

We SHALL overcome. .

Don't You doubt it. I know You're exhausted, weary, despondent, but keep the Faith. Take goood Care of YourSelf, resist when /where You can, but KNOW this weirdness is temporary.It appears overwhelming, that's an illusion. The Goood will out, Love & TRUTH will prevail. Believe it!💖
& don't give YourSelf a hard time for feeling helpless or hopeless .. just hold on, as You go through it.THAT will pass.
Goood is happening, even if we don't see it yet. YOU have some goood Karma coming, You created *blankets* of LOVE for others..& BLESSED the World! BELIEVE IT.

Where/how to get some? !

I NEED a bunch. I NEED 1 for my Home, & a bunch to leave/place in strategic spots. I ~NEED~ some!!

"Suspicious as f!#@"..

..SO describes my convictions (not feelings) after November 8. Thank you. Stay strong. 💜

Such a goood question!

But no, personally,
I spend a lot of time wondering how I can be sharing this Earth with 'people' who are so mean & hate-FULL, I just can't wrap my Mind around it!
I truly try, I just can't imagine how people come from such a selfish, ugly perspective. Makes me sad,& tired....
I see my "ministry" as being the best 'ME' I can be..
the best dang democrat-Christian-Pagan I can be.
When the ugliness seems unbearable, I remember we ALL are on our Path, with Lessons to learn...& Karma is a bit**!
Those mean & hate-FULL ones will likely experience fear, pain, grief, they have inflicted on others.
So let's treat others as we'd love to be treated. That doesn't mean I allow mySelf to be mistreated, abused, manipulated..& I won't accept it happening to other fellow Babies.
Thank you for your provocative question!💖

Thank YOU. ..

SO wish I was THERE. 💖

Thanks! SO much!

I consider mySelf lucky & BLESSED to get 5 channels, with 'rabbit ears'! sure do appreciate your help watching Rachel, that was goood stuff!
Fired UP, to share this info!

A beautiful sight

A righteous message...

this situation makes my Heart hurt.
With the Protectors in Spirit. Stay strong, Y'all.


I was over 35 yo when I 1st used the fuck-word. I made up for lost time during the * years.
After 8 years of President Obama, I was way behind in my serious cussin'. I have nearly caught up again, since November. I thank you for this opportunity. And for much-needed laugh.

Fuck that weirdo!
Fuck yeah!


Lookin' for that
'WooHOO!' smiley.
Thank you!
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