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Sculpin Beauregard

Sculpin Beauregard's Journal
Sculpin Beauregard's Journal
April 30, 2017

Trump slaps the face of every Military family in USA.

People whose family members have fought and died to defend the USA and its ideals and principles, only to now be living under a puppet government installed by a hostile dictatorship. And he did it for money and his own personal 'glory'.

It's a fucking travesty. And Cheeto should remember their oath is to protect America, and defend it against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

April 30, 2017

Hey Koch brothers! If Cheeto consolidates

his power and makes himself King/dictator, what makes you think he won't come after your billions? You fucking dried up old cocksuckers. Fucking cowardly traitor pricks.

April 29, 2017

Don't forget, TrumpRussia aside, that voting reform has to be addressed.

The voting machines are easily hacked, and ongoing voter suppression is a huge problem. Gerrymandering is a terrible problem.

This doesn't end with Cheeto, it starts with him. Things. Must. Change.

April 27, 2017

Where are the rich Dems?

The Oprahs, the Gates', wealthy Hollywood elites, wealthy lefty musicians...where the fuck are they?


April 27, 2017

Ivanka or Chupacabra?

I've seen this pic before but never noticed the shadow in lower right. Ivanka's true identity?


April 24, 2017

List of Republican pol businesses to boycott.

If anyone is aware of which repukes own or are associated with what business, it's time to hit them in the pocketbook and boycott. We already know a fair bit about Cheeto and family, but what about the rest?

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Hello! I am a Canadian lady and I want to stand with American Democrats and share my outrage about the criminal in the White House. He is a danger to all of us around the globe. I stand in solidarity with my intelligent, passionate and mad-as-hell American cousins. Take America back from this impostor.

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