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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
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Just finished a Webinar on CRT from USC Pullias center 5 takeaways.

But first I am an old white guy who hasn't been in a classroom in 50 years. so a lot for me to unpack.
#1 CRT has become a brand, because you can kill a brand but not an idea. The right has become successful in making CRT a brand.
#2 CRT has become a hot item as a counteroffensive after the George Floyd televised murder. The right saw civil rights in the forefront and with traction, a lot of people were paying attention.
#3 CRT began as a study into the inequities in our legal system, laws and people of color as lawyers, judges,
#4 CRT at its base is notion that systemic racism has negative outcomes in legal system and education.
#5 CRT is about a counter narrative when the facts or subject matter is different than ones experience would dictate.
#6 CRT is widely accepted in most fields of study.
#7 One must remember what was happening when we made our "biggest strides" in civil rights. And I admit I had to step back and remember. The cold war was raging Soviet Union was waging propaganda war and using our civil rights issues against us. Some that helped pass civil rights laws were fully committed. But some went along to take a talking point away from Soviets and never were fully in. Some of those factions remain and refuse to acknowledge all of history.

I still have a lot to unpack but so pleased I took time out of "my busy" day. I welcome discussion on my observances.
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