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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
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In a quandry here any advice will be welcome

as many of you know I am hard by Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College. My county is a mix of hard right Trumpers and Christo fascists. I am from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. A Facebook group I belong to is made up of Dem leaning/ progressive people and largely a counterbalance to the hate spewed by the other county groups. Admins. recently held a meeting face to face asked us how we could do more good for community and share ideas. I fully intended to go though it would take a great deal of effort. I had a couple of ideas I thought would work. Chief among those was for members to fund a fellowship program for graduating seniors. I thought that would make a splash and let county know about the group and our goals. I suggested to apply they would submit a research paper on topic of their choice. I suggested Democracy, Womens rights, systemic racism, civil rights for all and voting rights for all. Reasoning that this would be a pushback against the racist intolerant ideas common around these parts. This was scheduled for Sat. in a local park.

Flash back to middle of week get a message that local Dem party has endorsed current Mayor of Hillsdale for reelection. Mayor is a supporter of forced birth, Christian Nationalism, guns for everyone, ending public education and said he didn't care how many died during Covid. Imagine my shock I actually went to our Dem Facebook page and found it was true. Mayors opponent is a joke and will probably get 10% of the vote. I protested that we had just condoned all these behaviors. Got a lot of pushback from current Dem officers saying crap about the alternative candidate was worse. I told them this was an own goal and to reconsider putting our stamp of approval on this. It kind of turned into a pissing contest on both sites. This wasn't my intent. Have since heard from someone much higher in Dem food chain nothing will improve from giving ground.

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