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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
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As I suspected Governor Younkin of Virginia

consulted with Larry Arrn President of Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College before trying to alter school curriculums to exclude Martin Luther King, eliminate reference to holocaust and Nazis, also calling indigenous people first immigrants. Governor Younkin has received a fair amount of pushback from academics and historians along with concerned parents.

As I have said before Facebook is what you make of it.

I have posted rebuttals to many who post about the evils of FB. Recently posted how my Hillsdale County Mi group had started helping homeless in Hillsdale. Just issued a matching challenge to my group for donations to Reverend Warnock. after only one $10 donation I upped the ante and said I'd give twice as much. I set my total limit at beginning, which I was gonna give anyways. Just a modest effort but raised $95 dollars that wouldn't otherwise have been gained. I am extremely pleased with my FB group. This is how to use FB for good.

NASCAR has a growing "Trump" problem

NASCAR has a rich white kid who has been given everything by a doting grandfather. The grandfather happens to be a Gawd in two sports. Rich white kid has talent, but has never had to carry a shitbox of a car at any stage of his career like most drivers have. The rich white kid has been given the best of racing equipment and support staff at every level. Rich white kid feels entitled and as long as it turns out to his benefit all's good. When other drivers have a come to Jesus meeting they get chastised, fined, penalized or all three. When rich white kid has a come to Jesus meeting they fucking pray about it and all's well. That and a fake apology and feigning contriteness and it is all forgiven.

Having followed all forms of racing or competing for 60 plus years I am just totally disappointed with current crop of drivers. After talking tough talk all week about teaching him a lesson, they did. They taught him it was ok to wreck a teammate on purpose. And they taught him that, by letting him win the prize the Xfinity championship. After all the tough talk by drivers and ex driver superstars, about how they would police the sport, for some reason they couldn't bring themselves to cross the sanctimonious duo of Grandpa Joe Gibbs and the rich spoiled kid Ty. Anyone else see parallels ?
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