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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 7,320

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A heads up on what's going on in Michigan.

Mrs. Gibraltar just told me the mayor of our little hotspot has stated on his facebook page that the city will open up for business tomorrow. We have 17 dead in county. It is obvious he has told businesses that there will be no local enforcement. I just sent AG an e mail. I am afraid these scofflaws are going to make our sacrifices all in vain.

Simple question re. Trump thank me dammit, IRS letters

Are we returning them to IRS or whitehouse??

Looks like Indiana paid the Trump tax again today. Think they had 151 new deaths.

I had seen video of Indianapolis nurses saying how bad it was getting. But I think they've been over a hundred twice this week.

Just watched Lincoln Project ad on You Tube. I was pleased but surprised

they are going after Republican Senators. It would appear they want big changes. Collins should be very worried as should Gardner, and Tillis.

While terrorists spread a deadly virus in Michigan

New numbers come in 119 new deaths just under 1,000 new cases. My county adds 4 more cases death toll still at 17.

Another not so great day in Michigan 103 new deaths.

My little slice of heaven 121 total cases that's plus 3. 1 new death total of 17. Hard by Hillsdale College where they know how to take care of inconvenient women. Just got word a local lawyer is handling a Royal Oak womans lawsuit against that woman from Michigan because she couldn't travel.

We have pushed past the Viet Nam war dead today.

Our numbers in Mi. very bad again today 160 new deaths, even as Republicans are fighting that woman from Michigan. My hotspot another 4 cases still at 16 deaths as of 11:00 AM. It looks like nations totals are going to be pretty big today. Polls show people want to feel safe before lockdowns end. What the hell Are these R Governors thinking? Lots of new cases in Grand Rapids area.

Worldometers shows Indiana really paying the Trump tax today.

As a neighboring state I kind of keep track of them. They are showing 119 new deaths today. That is a huge jump.

Looks as if Michigans number yesterday was a sucker hole.

New deaths up to 92. my little hotspot 1 new case 2 new deaths. brings us to 16. with only 114 cases we have a horrendous rate. People getting concerned because the Christstains around Grand Rapids are getting sick and dying. Even though we are rural we should be the last place to open. IMHO.

A glimmer of good news from Michigan only 41 new deaths.

New case count is low but historically is on weekends so not jubillant about that yet. My little slice of heaven 4 new cases no new deaths so we are at 113 cases and 4 deaths.
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