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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 7,320

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About three miles as the crow flies is a well known Christstain campground

Just been informed a supervisor there was diagnosed with Orange Plague. That comes very very close to home as one of the employees is my neighbors daughter. I can imagine what her parents are going through right now. My thoughts are with them what a helpless feeling.

Over 500 new deaths. Can we just hear from the experts NOW?

And Poof we blow through 180,000 cases.

Numbers for today are gonna be sobering.

As we sit here vermin like Candace Owens are on social media

Claiming that people who die of heart attacks are being classified as Covid deaths, it really isn't that bad. These sonsabitches will do anything to obscure the facts that Trump just fucked this up so badly that we have hell to pay.

It would appear there is a connection between prayer and the spread of Corona Virus

Has anyone done a scientific study on the spread of this through prayer?

I had held out hope that some Republican Governors

Would say enough is enough and start pointing fingers. DeWine, Baker, Hogan somebody. These Governors early on did the right thing for their states. Why will they not do the right thing for the country? I think if one has enough courage to call Trump a liar others will become emboldened. The only thing that will end the madness is for Republicans to grow a pair. Is there no one in the Republican party willing to tell the truth or do the right thing?

Gretchen Whitmer

is about to declare Mi. schools closed for the teaching year. Seniors will graduate other classes move up. This per Bridge magazine. They have an inside track. So you can book it.

Looks like we'll hit 165,000 cases tonight.

about 164,000 lots of states still haven't reported it appears.

3015 people

died who have never died before. But the day is young still.

Well it didn't take us long to break through 160.000 did it.

This isn't fun anymore.
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