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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,215

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A couple random thoughts for what Mayor Bowser and Jamie Harrison should do.

First Mayor Bowser should rename and paint every street around Trumps playpen. Something that will really get under his skin. I have a few ideas I'd like to hear yours. I think Jamie Harrison should go up with an announcement regarding Rumors about his opponent saying he isn't going to campaign on that issue. That his opponents Choices should be respected and it's nobodies business but Lindseys. Get it out there and let it marinate.

I am not a lawyer, but i have watched all the Matlock reruns

Tell me why this wouldn't work. It was reported that New York pays from 200 million to 300 million a year in court judgments for excessive force cases etc. Why when cases are filed shouldn't the Cop unions or Federations as Minny. is called. be named as co defendant. Citing the culture they have created and encourage. I say that being as strong a union man as there is.

A poem composed as I mindlessly mowed two acres. whattta ya think?

An Ode ious
The two girls I really love
gave me a little shove.
We know what would be a very good look,
But first we have to find that, that you know that book
First we'll tear gas them in the church.
That will help us sell more merch.
Then what would be really neat
is beat the press and peaceful in the street.
If the protesters still want to stay out after dark
we'll bayonet them in the park.
We don't see how this plan can go wrong
and after this you'll look super strong.
If our expectations it doesn't meet
You can go back to the bunker and tweet.

At least one Trumper has said No Mas.

I comment on a local forum. The dude that runs it probably leans a little right but it is for locals only. You have to prove you have some tie to the community. not actually live here but have a familiarity. They have you answer three questions about the area. I had to think a little cause one was a local advertising jingle from probably 20 years ago. Anyhow I did the bunker thing last night. The first response was the people that should be looking for a bunker are O bam bam and Hillarybitch. I lit him up pretty good and said he had a rich imagination then explained 40% won't carry the day for Trump. When I got up this morning there were some responses several positive. Some bemoaning Joe being the one. And then mid morning a die hard Trumper posts Pence 2020. I chuckled and replied that might have worked six months in if you dumped Trump but it's too late for that. I was pretty shocked that he would leave the cult. I'll take it as a positive.

It would appear that the response to excess force by police in police forces across

the nation is more force and more violence. I have read stories and watched videos this morning that sicken me. Reporters being deliberately attacked. Residents attacked on their porch. A cache of supplies for peaceful protesters destroyed by cops. Years ago I watched a gang of cops go out of control at the Indy 500 as more cops arrived it just became a gang. The two people who had started the whole thing had deescalated it when the first cops arrived, but the cops made it worse and started using their truncheons.

The cops are making a statement right now. That is "We don't want to change" They like their power and by God they are gonna keep it. With riot gear on they are practically unidentifiable so what the hell they can even flash white power signs just to make sure you get the message. Mayors better get on this and fast. If they care at all.

I must be so proud. The Washington post included my little hell hole

in it's reporting of rural hotspots. They highlighted how the Sons of McVeigh were defying orders and fomenting protests. My county has about a 14% kill rate top 5 in Michigan. No adjoining county is anywhere near that.

It would appear the CDC is cooking the numbers so badly now

that 1point3acres is nearly useless. They are steadily falling behind Worldometers in total US deaths. I believe it is about 2,000 at this point. I've noticed it steadily grow since about Monday or Tuesday. Have others noticed the change also. There have always been variations, but this seems pronounced.

Does anyone have a link handy that shows the calendar of Trump golfing

and holding Klan rallies. In February/ March?

Shit. Shit, Shit. Michigan nudges over 5,000 total deaths.

Another bad day in the mitten. 102 new deaths. 1 in my little rural hotspot making 24 total out of 165 cases. We now stand at 5017 deaths. Not sure what zone my hotspot is but we should be last to open up based on our death percentage.

Is the CDC already cooking the numbers for Cheetolinini?

Worldometers is over 92,000 US deaths. 1point3acres isn't to 91,000. I don't believe I've ever seen this big a gap. Anyone else noting this?
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