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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,215

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Any of you Ohio group folks know what DeWine sees in the numbers

that has him so wigged out? As a neighbor I am curious he seems to have a new sense of urgency.

All in all a great auto racing weekend

F 1 race won by a black driver. NASCAR trucks Trump Pence 2020 truck finishes 13 laps down in 26th place. NHRA drag racing Trump 2020 Top Fuel dragster knocked out in first round by a black driver. IMSA Weathertec series Corvettes finish 1 2 in class. NASCAR top 15 for Bubba Wallace at Texas Motor Speedway. And Liberty University #24 ends up against the wall. A very good weekend in deed.

Update on SC Michigan happenings at Midvale College.

The college that strongly supports the constitution until it doesn't, sent armed security after news reporter for standing on sidewalk. Even though police chief had said sidewalks were to be open College contended when police gave them right to close a city street it also gave them right to block sidewalk. After defying health dept. they apparently got coverage in Detroit papers they didn't like so declared no media coverage would be allowed. They called head of security who by tradition is a city cop that did the best job of covering up stuff fpr Midvale. Eventually the goons backed off. But really was no coverage which was what they wanted anyhow. And the hypocrisy will continue. Best small college grift in America.

Please anyone with twitter don't mention NASCAR truck #49 Trump Pence 2020

finished in 26th place 13 laps down in Texas. Got literally no camera time 0n TV. I believe again it was the lowest finishing truck still sputtering along.

Mean while in S.C. Michigan the school that Law And Order dubbed Midvale College

is bringing up to 3,000 people to town despite health departments wishes. The wholly owned city council and police department signed off on it. I'm not shocked, the college has the sweetest scam of any small college going. Betting this weekend will be a bonanza in contributions. I hope they don't donate the crud from the states they come from. We have plenty of our own. Students were out on break mostly, when Mi. issued closure orders. Being the assholes they are they asked students not to return. They stated it was their decision because Gretchen didn't have the authority to tell them what to do. So here we are. The local authorities have handled this whole thing abysmally from the beginning. First defying public meeting ban then telling local merchants they could stay open. Mayor has also encouraged known risky behaviors.

Apparently yesterday Health Dept visited some. businesses that weren't enforcing the mask rule. I think most got warnings but a gym was shut down. Mayor spent the day on facebook whining that the Health Department was just being vindictive because we have freedom here. A couple businesses closed themselves down for weekend probably because they didn't want the rich college trash bringing them an unexpected gift. I reminded the Mayor that he had painted the target on the merchants back with his actions and words. Haven't heard a word from him.

I previously posted about my phone banking experiences these were different.

Last night I was calling voters in 7th district of Mi. Something happened twice last night that made me think beyond politics. I called a listed 65 year old woman a man answered. I asked for her and he said she isn't here. I then said are you her husband, he replied partner for 25 years. I said that's the same thing to me do you have a minute to talk. He then said to me she passed away from early onset dementia. She made it to 65 I'm 69 and always thought I'd go first. I of course was stunned but he needed to say that to someone. I offered my condolence and we just talked for a bit no politics. He just shared his grief. I just felt as if I was supposed to get that number.

Second experience I call a 59 year old lady. She answers and I introduce my self and tell her why I am calling ask if she's got a minute to talk. She says just a minute then says my son is dying of virus this very minute. Again I am stunned I tell her how sorry I am then tell her I know how she feels having lost a son, I am in tears at this point. She consoles me. I say this is no time to talk politics. We both cry a little I wish her the best and we say goodbye. I end my shift 15 minutes early i am emotionally drained but so glad I got those numbers rather than someone else.

In a perfect metaphor Trump 2020

NASCAR truck finishes 35th after spinning out all by itself on track at Kentucky. I believe it was actually in last place on track of those still running.

Change is in the air. My personal observation.

For the last 4 weeks I've been phone banking for Mi. Democratic party and Gretchen Driskell for Mi. 7th district. A little background I have done phone banking starting with John Kerry and moving forward. Yesterday I had a shift that was much different than 4 weeks ago. It is part of the gig to get the phone slammed in your ear after you introduce yourself. Some will say I'm a Republican some will think it a good time to argue. That is all part of it and I'm used to it. You live for the next call that lifts your spirit. I had voters basically in Hillsdale and Branch County Mi. I got some enthusiastic Dems. Some that are kinda mad at the party but are still on board. The surprise was how many said I'm a Republican, but I've had enough. We of course have a script. I learned a long time ago in sales you only talk until the person on the other ends starts talking, then you listen, interject when the other person stops talking but talk about what they want to talk about. Two of the had enough Republicans were all in on Joe but asked about down ballot ticket not knowing who was running. I then got to tell them the R Senate candidate was 2000 percent behind Trump. They both knew R congressional candidate wanted to do away with ACA. But didn't know much about Gretchen Driskell. I of course got to educate them about her. Also got to tell about my history with Walberg. Voters would rather hear why you are in than go through a script with you. All in all best phone gig I've had since campaigning for Obama the first time.

Anyone have a site they use for GPS coordinates? Been down about 16 rabbit holes.

Want you to join etc. My branch of the Sons Of McVeigh Want to march on Lansing again to fight tyranny. Thought perhaps I could give them a better place to focus.

NASCAR stands tall today. I've been around or involved in racing in various capacapities my adult

Life. I have never seen racing stand taller than today. I have beefs with them but today led first by the young drivers NASCAR did a beautiful job. If you can see at least the start You'll cry.
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