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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
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I just made the following donations for Biden Harris through our link.

As I discussed in previous posts I issued a face book challenge to a local group. Three took my $10 dollar challenge, so I gave $30.00. I also discussed in a post the perfect answer I got from an elderly couple while phone banking yesterday who said they wished they could give. That answer to concerns was honesty. $50.00 for that answer. $20.00 for the unidentified guy who wouldn't let Trump ralliers run him out of a public park for protesting locally. Might not be last time I challenge a face book group. Some had already given but now they've given more.

The absolutely best answer for voter concerns in thirteen weeks of phonebanking.

As I have posted here a few times I am a veteran phone banker. Been doing it for over twenty years. I made my living selling the appointment so I've learned when to talk and when to listen. My latest shift was Saturday. I am in red south central Mi.. For a few weeks was only calling Branch, Hillsdale counties. Last couple has been expanded to include Lenawee and Jackson.

The call I reference here was in my county maybe ten miles away. I call a woman in her 70s screen shows also in household her husbands name. I introduce myself and ask if she has a moment to talk. She immediately says they are for Biden but can't give any money. I tell her I've done this for twenty plus years and never once asked anyone for money. I explain money isn't the issue contact and communication are. I tell her I'd like to hear their concerns. This lady knocks it clean out of the park. Honesty, she goes on to tell me everything wrong stems from dishonesty.

She again tells me she wishes she could give money but they can't. I inform her I am going to donate just for her answer which was absolutely perfect.

I also challenged a FB group locally, stating I would match 10$ contributions to Biden Harris a few days ago. I just reminded them of that. Had only one taker so far. I want to keep the momentum up. so will take care of those sometime after 5M.

Phonebanking is sometimes being a cheerleader to the discouraged. Sometimes a listener beyond politics. Every shift is different. The people energize me. I hope I energize them. Different than any time in my experience, mostly in a positive way.

The bestest weirdest phone banking session in my experience.

Confessions of a veteran phonebanker, my craziest session ever.
I've been phonebanking for 11 weeks now as some of you know. Absolutely had the wildest yet best session in over twenty years last night. Started chaoticly as the person who emailed me links did it late and was unknown to me. As I went through the 100 or so emails for yesterday I couldn't pick it out from all the others asking for money or to do a survey. Anyhow I started 15 minutes late.
Right off the bat I get my undecided voter an 82 year old woman waiting for the debates. She tells me Biden has never accomplished anything. I tell her I'm not there to argue and bow out.
Next call I get a 65 year old guy that let's me introduce myself, says I'm a registered Republican but I'm leaning Biden I'll talk to you. I start talking, the canned stuff that tells the mission and the line goes dead. I say to myself guy didn't really want to talk. I check the box on report that says lean Biden then start to fill in notes section to report. I am about to send it when my phone rings. It is the dude I thought hung up on me. He assures me he was listening but phone went dead, he didn't hang up and called me back as soon as he could. I said well what I was saying is it is time for me to shut up and hear what's important to you. The guy says to sum up I think of the meme that goes elect a clown expect a circus. I reply I've seen that one. He then spends around 14 minutes telling me chapter and verse the stuff Trump has done or said. I interject once or twice but let him talk. At some point he throws in that he's about to retire and Trump is trying to kill Social Security. he also says asking voters to vote twice thing really burned him. That was something three other Republicans mentioned during shift. He then says the hypocrite sent he and wife application for mail in ballot. I then said well have I convinced you even though I haven't said much. He replied I guess I convinced myself huh? I chuckled and said that is first time that has ever happened to me. He replied I think that's the only time someone let me talk.
All in all a very good night those are just two stories. Many were uplifting. Including a woman who returned a call this morning my wife fielded that, the lady said she was all in but wanted to thank me for my effort This is in red Hillsdale and Branch county Mi. Interesting times my friends.

Where is the Principals office in Zoom school?

My newly minted teacher just e mailed that in his first day of teaching he had to discipline a student. Seeing as how there is no principals office he kicked him off Zoom. His offense tried to sign into class with screen name, Barry McCockiner.

Breaking latest Daytona poll

Bubba Wallace 5th in the lead pack. Trump 2020 21st place a lap down.

Hey gang I just got asked to do jury duty on kind of a Debbie Downer post.

I am kinda discouraged by this kind of stuff. I have been doing phone banking in a pretty red area for 10 weeks. Lots of times it goes beyond just asking the script questions. I have been thinking about this a lot. On some calls I'm a cheerleader. Some people in my area only hear from the Trump cult and think there is no one they can talk to. I've had many examples of this pessimism. I relate the good experiences I've had compared to other elections. I lift their spirits and they certainly lift mine. I see nothing that indicates we should be scared, I'm not saying be complacent. Let's do everything to keep each other energized and hopeful.

Hoping Democratic candidates do this one small thing.

Shortly after the stimulus money was sent I donated to approximately 17 candidates. The result literally hundreds of requests for more. But only one thank you card. That was from Sara Gideon. My wife noted she must have had a mom that taught her well. When I send out next batch guess who will be at top of that list. It is a simple thing but candidates spend thousands of dollars begging for money. Only one spent fifty cents to say thank you.

Sad? Happy? a story I needed yesterday. You need it today.

Sometimes nature or other forces put things in the right place at the perfect time. A friend posted this yesterday on FB. First my friend is actually the son of my best living friend. Joe lives near me he is a man who suffered debilitating injuries in a racing "accident". Long story short he ended up on track with someone elses' gas tank in his lap. He fought back from horrific burns and lung scarring. He has remained unstoppable and even though he has had setbacks he is relatively successful business man and races today. He is a guy who people gravitate to because he is positive and enthusiastic. He also is a lover of nature and a preserver of same. He kayaks a river in Northern Ohio several times a week, basically anytime it isn't frozen. It is his church.

His neighbor lady called him I believe yesterday morning she was a flutter she had trapped a young Raccoon in her driveway and knew it was sick. Joe went over and said he would take it out of their little town and release it. Joe picked it up and took it to his church. He of course took pictures of it. When he got to the river he put it down in the grass. Instead of scooting away it put its' paws on his legs like a cat. Joe sat down on the river bank and the Raccoon climbed up in his lap. Joe and the Raccoon sat there about 15 minutes as the raccoon passed. Joe assumed it had been poisoned in town. And aw shit I'm crying again.

I just got the not a God Damn mask in the place you pricks won't do anything to get us through this

shit haircut. In other words I still have long hair. I am past deferring to these pricks that won't do anything to actually get us through this shit. When national corporations care more about my health and getting back to "some kind of normal" we are in a bad place. Until yesterday I was reluctant to turn in local merchants who have been neighbors for 60 plus years. Yesterday I ran out of fucks utterly and completely. My wife and I went shopping we have one real hardware store in town she needed a toilet cleaner only they carry. three guys go in without masks. She masks up and gets her item, check out clerk is un masked. She asks why no masks in store and is informed that owner says it isn't required. My Governor and health department say otherwise. Called health department yesterday they took information. Today I go to barber shop I have gone to for thirty plus years, tiny one chair one barber/owner shop. Five people including barber no masks. The title and opening sentence are my actual reaction. Call health department today to report. They tell me MIOSHA is taking these reports. After transfer to MIOSHA guy takes detailed report. He asks if I want to remain anonymous I explain how many fucks I have left to give. I really don't care from now on if I see a business violation I am going to report. He gives me his direct number. MIOSHA and St. Joseph, Branch, Hillsdale county Health Department have a new unpaid part time employee. I of course have to find a new barber.

Any of you Ohio group folks know what DeWine sees in the numbers

that has him so wigged out? As a neighbor I am curious he seems to have a new sense of urgency.
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