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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,203

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Letitia James warming up in the wings.

Have a great day Mr. pResident.

America needs to hear from the great Kate Smith all weekend long.

In other news.

Even though it is after election we still have Coronavirus to deal with. Look for a new record today. Worldometers has us at about 90,000 cases today. Trump will blow away long before this does.

It has indeed been a very happy birthday.

My first cognizance of politics was on 11 04 1952. That was my seventh birthday. The reason it is memorable my grandfather had procured candle holders portraying donkeys and elephants also a miniature whitehouse ornament. The elephant candle holders seven of them were around the top of the cake and the whitehouse, the donkeys without candles were stuck in the side of the cake and descending from the whitehouse. He joked that Eisenhower being elected and Democrats ejected was a great thing.

What did I know I was seven, however I remember it vividly. My Grandpa was a generally good guy taught me many things that stuck with me for life. As I grew up I thought I was a Republican. However as I matured and with the prodding of my future Mother In Law and my future wife I did some self examination. My Grandpa was a farmer who if not for Roosevelts WPA in the depression would have lost his farm. He didn't see the irony in that apparently. I began to question this cognitive dissonance that my Gramps had. I have never been able to fully explain it to myself. I just at some point knew it was wrong and made no sense.

After entering the working world and seeing how things actually went I became a life long Democrat. Today is shaping up to be the best birthday present I've ever had. That Michigan my Michigan could atone for the terrible mistake they made and that the Coup De Gras was administered by those women from Michigan is the frosting on my birthday cake.

Something to remember when interpreting voter affiliation.

I think with the new party the Republican Butt party. Registering as a Republican does not mean a vote for Trump. 17 weeks of phonebanking in southern Mi. tells me the Republican Butt party is gonna have an impact.

Just gave my last tranche of donations I think.

Told my wife this morning I was going to go over amount I had pledged to give. I also told her if it wasn't OK I would reach in my personal stash. She said, no I've got no problem but tell me why. I went on to tell her I would feel terrible when Joe was elected to not give him the Senate he needs to fix America.

My final list was Hegar, Greenfield, Ossoff, Bullock, Bollier, Jones and Espy Just because it was right. I also gave to food banks earlier prompted by a two to one match by my former employer. Probably 5 times as much as I've ever given. But as a failed pResident said. What have you got to lose?

Has anyone heard from our donation whisperers?

I know I'm not the only one looking for guidance on where to put money to do the most good. So many really plugged in people. I have a few bucks left.

Any one else watch last nights FBI declassified TV show?

I found it riveting. Actual FBI agents and files tracking a Russian spy cell for about ten years. Video of dead drops and handoffs of money and intel. John Podesta and clips of Obama. I thought timing was perfect. It shows how FBI counterintelligence used to work. Now all Putin needs to do is as the pResident. If you can find it watch it.

One story from a positive night phonebanking in South Central Mi. 15th week

A positive night overall. One of my first calls was to a 97 year old man. I actually thought for a second about not calling, however I reminded myself of the experiences I've had this cycle with people who had their own crisis or just really needed to talk. It didn't start all that well as the gentleman said he couldn't hear me. I introduced myself again only louder, he complained that the little cell phone made it hard to hear. At this point I am shouting into my phone. I ask if he's supporting Joe. He replies I don't talk politics. At that point I say OK what do you want to talk about. He pauses and says I won't talk politics but Joe Biden is a gentlemen. A mic. drop moment from a 97 year old guy.

A short post on 14th week of phone banking South Central Mi. all good.

My first call was to a 74 year old lady in Jackson. I barely get past my introduction, when she says I'm not voting for that asshole. Of course that made my night, but it just got better from there. A very good night overall.
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