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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
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Houston. Rover has landed. I repeat Rover has landed.

The Mars probe was successful also.

I will never understand why historians like Beschloss didn't

whip up a chapter to show how history will look on the Trump followers and Senate traitors in 20 years. I think if some had seen how their names would go down in history they might have thought twice about betraying country and oath.

You couldn't find 17 principled Republicans in the country.

Anyone who thought you could find that many in the Senate were kidding yourselves. This was for the historians. Trump and his acolytes will not be treated well by them.

The mystery of the day see if you can figure it out!

A Houston doctor that was head of a Coronavirus clinic was in possession of a vial of vaccine that had one dose taken out of it at 6:45 PM. The vaccine would be useless in six hours so he took it upon himself to find people who qualified for the drug before it expired. He found 9 patients who qualified before going home. There was one dose left in the vial he injected that into the arm of his wife who had a severe pulmonary condition.

In Hillsdale Michigan a hospital administrator took hundreds of doses of vaccine for employees and staff of his alma mater Hillsdale College. Most of these people were on no list of priority for the vaccine. Yet he made them available to the college while people actually on list were unable to get an appointment. He subsequently said he could do anything he wanted and lashed out at people who were critical of his decision and his judgement.

One of these people was originally from Pakistan. Can you guess which one was charged with stealing and fired from his job?

Yeah this is what is going on on earth two.

In my little slice of heaven the Republiquan party has been taken over by the craziest of the crazies. They deemed all the sane officers as traitors and voted in the worst of the villainous scum that inhabit my county. One of their first acts as the new Hillsdale County Republican Constitutional Party has been to write a censure letter on the Republiquan leader of the senate Mike Shirkey who took the Republiquan election scam about as far as he could without becoming a person of interest.

I have no idea where a Republiquan with the slightest mooring to reality has left to go in Happydale. Anyone who is in their opinion a NINO is SOL!

Trying to execute star membership purchase.

Defaults to Pay Pal. What am I doing wrong??

Thank you for the heart.

Motivates me to give some to others that have informed or brightened the last year.

Wife and I just got our first dose of vaccine.

Local hospital opened a site just for 65 and older and health impaired at a local church. Very smooth operation, lots of National Guard. In and out in 19 minutes. I think hospital did this after it was disclosed they had let excrable Hillsdale College jump the line at a previous cllinic. They have gotten lots of pushback because very few Hillsdale college employees are on any eligible list. When the story went national many were really up in arms.

Hillsdale College has so corrupted the area the hospital director could not figure out they are not special. Anyhow they abruptly announced a call for the people that should have been taken care of before college employees. They even made the registration process easier than it had been. Our second dose is set for the 26th. By the way Phizer vaccine. The gaurdsman that administered my dose was very good. In and out before I knew it.

Ok gang here is a weird one for you.

Over the weekend the Rolex 24 hour endurance race was held at Daytona. The class winning Corvette race team received a positive test result during the race on one of the three drivers Antonio Garcia. He was removed from car at 17th hour and the two remaining drivers were left to finish the race. Everyone on team had to go into quarantine after the race. Maybe they'll celebrate later.

Latest Hillsdale College outrage has me in a high state of pissification this morning.

A little background Hillsdale College has been at the forefront of the Covid deniers and scofflaws who denied Governor Whitmers’ orders. They went so far as to bankroll a restaurant that stayed open after health department ordered them closed even after license was pulled. They also as late as November were pushing the crime against humanity aka herd immunity. They have encouraged employees and students to do whatever they want, feel free to go about the town unmasked and just deny it is a problem.

Our local hospital originally announced that we would have to wait for the Moderna vaccine as they had no way to store the Phizer. Suddenly the college volunteered their super cold freezer in their science department. The health department issued their guidelines for ranking how the vaccine would be allotted of course the frontline workers would be first, the common ranking of need. Both my wife and I were on that list but we knew there were others that should be taken care of first.

Mondays are the day that is designated as the day to apply for a slot to get vaccine. Health Department had given 9:00 AM as the time the appointment lines would go live. They suggested getting on page early and refreshing often to be ready when the links went live. At around 9:03 I got through and selected a time. They then had me fill out my personal info. I did that promptly and hit submit. Got a message that slots were all filled. What was supposed to be 500 doses were gone in 5 minutes.

I went to health department website and whipped off an e mail complaining about the hunger games nature of their policy. I suggested people preregister and be notified when there was an opening. I said the person with fastest internet service should not have an advantage and that was definitely not me. I also said that after living here for 70 years I was pretty sure I knew what was happening.

Imagine my surprise when I went to my local FB page where some one had asked if anyone had heard about college vaccinating people not on the list as eligible. Someone immediately dropped a link to a national publication that said hospital got more vaccine than expected because college had storage. They also said that the hospital allowed college to cut the line and get their employees vaccinated even though they weren’t on approved list. I am beyond pissed, most of those people refused to wear masks or social distance. A doctor of mine referred to the college as uncaring and unchecked. This is a case of white college privilege.

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