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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 7,320

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Must have been pretty obvious

What was going on with Trumps Oklahoma campaign chair and strong supporter. The desk clerk made a welfare of child call to police.

Tiring of the Mussolini thing.

When do we get to the good part where they're hanging by their heels?

No coincidence

That JD Gordon came clean regards Trump pushing Republican platform change No coincidence that Roger Stone lawyered up. No coincidence that Flynn suddenly registered as a foreign agent retroactively. They all believe they have been under surveillance and feds have the goods on them. No coincidence Preet was fired. No coincidence Putins bestie was installed as Secretary Of State.

How about

We just call it Evil Bastards health Plan?

Republican platform

Wonder why more hasn't been made regards the change in platform at RNC. I noticed it then and thought it was very strange. Of course the minutes disappeared and no one knew how it got in there. When asked Manafort and Trump campaign said none of them did it. Suddenly JD Gordon admitted in last day or two he had it put in and DJT told him to in person. That indicates Gordon knows investigators are very close to having him and he's trying to get out in front. Was that the quid pro quo?

To clarify previous post

For instance BCBS is everywhere but is currently regulated by the states they do business in. What will happen is another company will headquarter in Texas or other jack leg state and sell crap in your state. They will only be bound by that states insurance laws. They will show a smaller premium but when the rubber meets the road there will be exceptions or limits. The public has no idea what they need the con men will flourish. It's the American way.
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