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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,203

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I would really love it if Beschloss or other noted historian

whipped up a book on history 20 and 40 years in the future. A look at how historians will look at the last 2 months. Perhaps if people saw how they will be portrayed in 2041 and 2061, What their grandkids will read about them. What their legacy will be. Some might choose to do the right thing. Not a traditional book thing just throw something together in a few days. A glimpse of the future.

Abbott has killed over 460 Texans today.

Will anyone notice? Today in US is just brutal. Let it not be lost in all the other noise.

Today reminded me how gently capitol police

handled disabled protesters who just wanted to talk to Mitch. This was perfect commercial for defund the police.

Grim milestones today. 20 million cases.

A few ragged breaths from 350,000 deaths. That will be reached in the next few minutes.

Recipe to be the worst county in your state regards Coronavirus.

Start with a Republican in every elected position in the county. Mix in the willingness to witness every lie the leader thus the party spews. Add a Mayor and city council that defies lawful orders of the governor and the health department, encourages noncompliance by businesses, embraces unsafe behaviors and holds public council meetings unmasked.

Throw in encouraging the local chapter of the Sons Of McVeigh to invade the state capitol while heavily armed. Hold a 4th of July parade in defiance of health department orders. Celebrate businesses that defy orders and stay open. Add a Mayor who attends a "super spreader" event and willfully spreads every conspiracy theory.

Now add in the influence of a college whose fundraising is dependent on convincing that government is bad. A school that stashed infected students in several locations in county and actually pushed the herd immunity theory as a solution. Not a huge stretch for a school that celebrates war criminal alumni, knows how to deal with an inconvenient woman and corrupts law enforcement. Also teaches that no one is more important than you.

Top this off with a few officials who believe in the science but afraid to rile their ignorant base. If you follow this recipe very carefully your little county can be statistically the worst in your state. I probably missed a few ingredients that went in to this toxic stew, but I think the major ones are there.

My observation over last few days V.A. not reporting cases or deaths.

Anyone else observed this?

My Gawd the new case numbers are terrifying

in several states. California over 26,000 Floriduh 13,000, Ohio almost 10,000, New York big again.

Let us not overlook the fact that over 3,000 died today.

It looks like we may hit a new high mark today. This on the day that we learn a Trump advisor said we want them infected.

Phonebanking for dummies version 2.0

Actually there are no dummies here but I hope I got your attention. This might be the most important thing you read in the next 30 seconds. Seriously though I posted a piece on calling in to Georgia from Michigan a few days ago. Lots of questions and someone asked if I could do a seminar. I've done it for over 20 years 17 weeks in Michigan this time around and now in Ga. just asked for all links everyday so I can just jump on when I'm available. By the way I was in the Insurance and financial services business so you get good on a phone or starve.

One question I was asked, was there a script? The answer is yes but. Most adults don't want to be read to I can tell when someone is following a script I want something personal. In this instance there really are only three questions that are pertinent anyway. Do you support John? Do you support Raphael? Do you have a plan to vote? I also tell them I am calling from Michigan. I believe it lets them know I think this is important.

Tailor your pitch the screens will tell you age and sex. In most cases what works on us seniors might not be best approach to a gen. Xer. Once they start talking shut up and listen, they will tell you what is important to them. In this instance the health of portfolios over people really hits home.

Be prepared for anything. In this cycle in Mi. I got a mom who grabbed the phone because she was waiting to hear from a doctor because her son was dying of Covid without her. Obviously we didn't talk politics we just talked I was glad it was me who got her number. Also had a man who had lost his female partner of 30 years. When I asked if she was there he answered she was out. I segued into his leanings as we talked, he told me she wasn't out she had died. He needed someone to talk to and at that moment that was me. Be prepared to be a cheerleader sometimes that is what's needed if they are on our side but are overwhelmed.

It can be soul sucking to get no answers but it is a numbers game. In Georgia I found moving to late shift was most productive. Let a good call motivate you and use it to tell someone what their neighbor just told you. The best answer I got in this whole cycle was one word from a 70 year old woman. When I asked what was important to her she said honesty. The answer was so stunning and simple it gave me pause.

Study your script but only use the part that you think is useful and hit's you. These are my experiences. Your mileage may vary.

Amazing Formula 1 streak to end.

Lewis Hamilton tests positive with mild symptoms. Will miss at least next Grand Prix.
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