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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 7,320

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As I suspected Governor Younkin of Virginia

consulted with Larry Arrn President of Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College before trying to alter school curriculums to exclude Martin Luther King, eliminate reference to holocaust and Nazis, also calling indigenous people first immigrants. Governor Younkin has received a fair amount of pushback from academics and historians along with concerned parents.

As I have said before Facebook is what you make of it.

I have posted rebuttals to many who post about the evils of FB. Recently posted how my Hillsdale County Mi group had started helping homeless in Hillsdale. Just issued a matching challenge to my group for donations to Reverend Warnock. after only one $10 donation I upped the ante and said I'd give twice as much. I set my total limit at beginning, which I was gonna give anyways. Just a modest effort but raised $95 dollars that wouldn't otherwise have been gained. I am extremely pleased with my FB group. This is how to use FB for good.

NASCAR has a growing "Trump" problem

NASCAR has a rich white kid who has been given everything by a doting grandfather. The grandfather happens to be a Gawd in two sports. Rich white kid has talent, but has never had to carry a shitbox of a car at any stage of his career like most drivers have. The rich white kid has been given the best of racing equipment and support staff at every level. Rich white kid feels entitled and as long as it turns out to his benefit all's good. When other drivers have a come to Jesus meeting they get chastised, fined, penalized or all three. When rich white kid has a come to Jesus meeting they fucking pray about it and all's well. That and a fake apology and feigning contriteness and it is all forgiven.

Having followed all forms of racing or competing for 60 plus years I am just totally disappointed with current crop of drivers. After talking tough talk all week about teaching him a lesson, they did. They taught him it was ok to wreck a teammate on purpose. And they taught him that, by letting him win the prize the Xfinity championship. After all the tough talk by drivers and ex driver superstars, about how they would police the sport, for some reason they couldn't bring themselves to cross the sanctimonious duo of Grandpa Joe Gibbs and the rich spoiled kid Ty. Anyone else see parallels ?

Update on previous post, MAGA scum attempted to steal ballots from local drop box.

After township Supervisor claimed they were just stealing it for the metal. I began to think they were trying to minimize or cover up the crimes. I called local Sheriff office and was told an investigator would get back to me. Yeah you guessed it that didn't happen. Only one report on local radio that quoted Supervisor saying someone trying to steal it for metal. That same report was repeated many time on radio. I reached out to SOS, today got an e mail saying they were aware and are tasking state investigators to investigate and prosecute. Seems they don't think the scum were just looking for metal.

MAGA scum destroyed my township ballot drop box

Wife and I noticed drop box was gone when we went to drop off our absentee ballots In Jefferson Twp. in Hillsdale County Mi. Wife took envelope inside and hand delivered to clerk. When she came out she said ballot box was in lobby covered in tape. It was still missing today so I called to find out why. About 40 minutes ago my call was returned clerk told me they tried to steal it but when that turned into too much work they destroyed it.

Clerk told me she was shocked I said actually i wasn't but I sure as hell was angry. My county has turned in to a cesspool of hate under the watchful eye of Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College and the Republican party.

Every once in a while here I see someone post something from Facebook.

It is usually followed by posts saying FB is a sewer etc. I usually answer them with FB is what you make of it. I am not a joiner and have kept my FB "friends" list pretty tight. Let me share something with my DU friends. As some of you know I live hard by Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College Almost all of the FB groups here are sewers with Trump lovers and and conspiracy theories. But that is not the whole story. A few years ago a group was started it had the word caring in the group title. It was a counter balance to one called Nosey Asses of Hillsdale County. That was a site that basically spread gossip about other residents, always with a hard right edge. The new groups name was Nosey Caring Asses of Hillsdale county. My wife noticed them and said I should take a look. I found people talking about progressive ideas right here in my county.

Membership has steadily grown I believe we are somewhere around 800 now. Recently a group decided to have a face to face meeting the goal was to discuss ways to do good for the community. A meeting was scheduled to be held in Mrs. Stocks Park In Hillsdale. I was unable to attend, but part of what came out of the meeting was a way to help our homeless population. Yeah little Hillsdale Mi. a place with around 8 thousand people has a homeless problem. Seems incongruous considering the wealth at north end of town. Our group has started bringing hot meals and sustaining supplies to an increasing number of homeless citizens at Mrs. Stocks Park every Saturday. Members have stepped up with time, money and donations of clothing. Hillsdale has a warming center for the homeless. But it doesn't open until Nov 1.

In the grand scope of things it is a small gesture but hopefully we can do bigger things. I knew there was a homeless situation in Hillsdale but had no idea the scope. One of the homeless told me the other day there are 150 homeless in the area. She said for her it is not a choice she works but can't find housing. Something always comes up and she just can't get ahead. I am proud of my FB group for trying to make some unfortunates lives a little better. As I say FB is what you make of it. By the way not long ago group name was changed to Caring People Of Hillsdale county.

3 or 4 races where money would make a difference

and we have a realistic chance. Great respect for knowledge in this group. Have held a few bucks back for last minute. Also my grandson told me he wanted to contribute where it could make a difference. Please share your learned advice.

In a quandry here any advice will be welcome

as many of you know I am hard by Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College. My county is a mix of hard right Trumpers and Christo fascists. I am from the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. A Facebook group I belong to is made up of Dem leaning/ progressive people and largely a counterbalance to the hate spewed by the other county groups. Admins. recently held a meeting face to face asked us how we could do more good for community and share ideas. I fully intended to go though it would take a great deal of effort. I had a couple of ideas I thought would work. Chief among those was for members to fund a fellowship program for graduating seniors. I thought that would make a splash and let county know about the group and our goals. I suggested to apply they would submit a research paper on topic of their choice. I suggested Democracy, Womens rights, systemic racism, civil rights for all and voting rights for all. Reasoning that this would be a pushback against the racist intolerant ideas common around these parts. This was scheduled for Sat. in a local park.

Flash back to middle of week get a message that local Dem party has endorsed current Mayor of Hillsdale for reelection. Mayor is a supporter of forced birth, Christian Nationalism, guns for everyone, ending public education and said he didn't care how many died during Covid. Imagine my shock I actually went to our Dem Facebook page and found it was true. Mayors opponent is a joke and will probably get 10% of the vote. I protested that we had just condoned all these behaviors. Got a lot of pushback from current Dem officers saying crap about the alternative candidate was worse. I told them this was an own goal and to reconsider putting our stamp of approval on this. It kind of turned into a pissing contest on both sites. This wasn't my intent. Have since heard from someone much higher in Dem food chain nothing will improve from giving ground.

Did anyone else take it personally that on Fathers Day

the Wordle answer was loser. That is usually what I put in for 5th and 6th entry, when I tell myself I've put in too much time on this already.

Meanwhile in Hillsdale Michigan where Hillsdale College wants freedom of speech

this just happened. The librarian and childrens' librarian both resigned because a PHD student accused them of furnishing inappropriate materials to kids and "grooming" them. A local guy has done a great piece and I will post his link. Remember Hillsdale College is spreading it's poison nationwide and has been tasked with opening academies by one state already. A special meeting of library board has been called for tonight. The damage is already done though. Two decent people have been moved to resign. No one but one of Hillsdale Colleges Stepford children would take the job now. Josh Colettas' page has a brilliant takedown of this attempt at censorship, I urge you to read it. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Funcommonsense.joshcolletta.com%2F2022%2F05%2F24%2Fpaladino-furthers-nazi-republican-takeover-heres-how-we-stop-it%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1gYhsMIkfWEEP3YX7JWrbBMSaPiEsiEIWzfmlIKT8APZOnmSLp21g05rU&h=AT3JAk_OVwDMpNWe81J-gPHQVGOdJIFip3E-a3_IraQCN_cmgb3zmucrv1tkRm2IJaVKedtOlQ1E8FmBPhZXOjL4iMwIhHzqZfQCJZbfsYUIAWf0IYpYOwdEI0kytaAeEoLv&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT2f4SQSLKT4h-rndN_45EjtNHdEkWgla0zPRuO41_7vznBcebyIOT0Q-AmdkV6z3VWB3SFHnbqlfL4rR3fo_PiSDYMVU2S5jcLnAN2ESpFuKPqLaEuieHVnklqdgaQvBJ0C6LLTkLu76o8pD_pLsXMLnTijO5Dgzc1OtBnaGx8HcFVR_QXR4xhSgvxwvCrHnxznb5L2kp0LP0y5DXA
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