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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,220

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Regarding our curve pushing upward.

Someone with a lot more skill than I should insert what Trump was doing on each day in the curve. lying, golfing, Klan rally, pushing the cure that kills. Wish I had those skills but I don't. Any thoughts?

Better numbers in Mi. today.

if you call 1,000 new cases and 113 deaths better. Still pretty grim 3 new cases in my little heaven and 1 more death making 12. We are at 12.4% kill rate. Mi. will start telling which nursing homes have cases soon. Think that will be helpful.

With 95% of the vote counted we are at 2765 deaths. Still waiting on states to come in.

As we approach 2700 new deaths. What is our high so far? I think I tried to forget

when I saw lower number for a couple days I fooled my self into thinking perhaps we had turned a corner. I knew we hadn't but I hoped.

My Gawd My Michigan. Can't believe the numbers today. 232 new deaths.

About 1,000 new cases. we are testing at 18.2% in last 24 hours. Perhaps finding people that died at home. I don't know but these numbers say stay closed up.

Closing in on 44,000 deaths and 1,500 new deaths.

Sounds like a great time to open em up. We are at the mercy of fucking idiots.

Kids are pretty smart.

I was watching a youtube vid yesterday. I am a gearhead. Racer carowner Crew chief. Anyhoo two Nascar personalities were doing their show from their homes. One says he's actually enjoying being with his kids. At some point he asked his 14 year old daughter what day it was she answered today. She then told him there is only today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Very interesting, at least to me You Gov poll.

For a few years I have been active in You Gov. polling. Put money about$500 i my pockets and allowed me to chime in with my progressive views. Anyhow they asked some of us to join a new chat poll where they give instant feedback. I just took one and was actually surprised by the totals on one question asked only to people in lockdown states. The question as all, are was multiple choice on whether restrictions should be lifted now or date in the future. Majority said a few more weeks 2nd choice was months. Bringing up the rear was immediately with only 7% supporting that. I know it isn't scientific but I think it points out some pretty interesting things.

World O Meters has us at about 2500 new deaths currently

they are showing 1025 New York. If that is correct that is a terribly bad sign. Anybody have an idea what's happening?

Isn't all this Presser talk about reopening just public masturbation?

The sane Governors aren't going to reopen just to do this all again. The insane ones haven't hit the peak for their states yet. The fact that two R Governors have joined a pact with Midwestern Governors not to prematurely reopen should be an indication even to him he's at the governors mercy. Not the other way around.
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