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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,218

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Michigan now 1035 cases. 8 dead.

US well over 30,000 cases and about 400 dead. I predict 35,000 by midnight and close to 500 dead. January 3rd 2020. A day that will ive in infamy.

Last time I checked 1pointthreeacres was behind

Michigan is over 787 cases now. There is no way our US infection rate doesn't go over 25,000 by end of day. By monday will be higher than stock market has ever been. Probably five hundred or more people who have never died before will be dead.

Hugely disappointed in my Governor

Governor Whitmer just released ban on churches gathering more than 50. Shoots the reasoning for the rule all to hell.

We have some great minds here so correct me if I'm wrong.

I swear I remember a line in the constitution that stated if the Dow average sank below the amount of people infected in the nation the President could be removed. Does anyone else remember reading that? Or has my ninth day brought hallucinations?


Dow or Covid 19?

Just returned from Mi. website find it interesting

largest age group positive 50 to 59.

Day 9 tales from the front.

I was wrong my wife isn't trying to kill me, she is just cleaning out the larder. Stuff that is two years past it's freshness date is probably OK. Last night Mrs. Gibraltar says we might not make two weeks. We're gonna need milk and eggs. I say as best I can remember mmmfff. So this morning I say ok if we were going to go someplace to shop where would you go? Mrs. Gibraltar replies ah were good for another two weeks or at least until April. I suspect she watched local news last night.

Words beginning to fail.

Had run out of epithets to hurl. I was in my "meditation" place a few minutes ago and had a flash back of 60 plus years. I heard my mother. She was saying
"he's enough to gag a maggot on a gut wagon" Please continue the list.

OK it would appear 1point3acres is frozen

What other trackers are people using?

13,600 plus anyone know how far that is from zero?

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