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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,218

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Ok can we take a minute to pity the YouTube influencers.

I have been commenting to my wife that some of the Youtube people are gonna be in real jeopardy. One in particular deals with automotive content. Until recently he has made some snide jokes about the current situation. This dude just bought a new Vette a latemodel Tesla and a new home. Today he is apologizing for his flip attitude. On his live stream some viewers were obviously criticizing him for being a traitor and being political. He had made the statement that you sometimes can't believe what your leaders tell you. He was dropping people from his channel right and left. One of his sources for three days of content had just said he can't be there for the foreseeable future. He actually opened his internals from Youtube to show he had gone from $33,000 a month to $18,000. A whole bunch of them are living a lavish lifestyle based on Youtube. Those that depend on being outdoors are in yuuuuge trouble.

Yesterday someone posted a link to a site that showed

actual number of tests done by States and counties. Several of us went there and site really didn't do anything. Does anyone have such a site that actually works??

This let grandpa and grandma die talk

is just to condition people for how truly devastating this is gonna be. They are trying to desensitize people to believe somehow that is just the price of winning.

Numbers today will be astonishing.

Michigan count as of 10:AM nearly 2300 cases 43 deaths. Last night they said Beaumont hospital chain was already swamped.

Kinda interesting that so many cases are associated

with Trumps rat holes.

Todays numbers are gonna be frightening. Michigan up about 500 cases

several more deaths . As Governor said yesterday testing is gonna reveal a lot. Can't believe Pence is floating idea of allowing positive people to wear mask and go back to work. We are only updated daily it look like every other test is positive. I assume they are only testing those with all the criteria but damn. Jesus Christ is there no sane person in that Whitehouse??

Just got off teleconference with Governor Whitmer

and 17,000 other people. Several questions and answers stood out to me. Several were, why can't I get tested answer we are so limited we are trying to make sure health care workers are ok. One question was from a nurse who was worried about PPEs. Gretchen gave an example of a federal order. The hospital ordered stuff after giving them the number of employees per shift and asked for a weeks supply. They received enough for one day for one shift. Also got a question regarding a county with no cases. She said no cases= no testing. She really is great she's reassuring but no B.S. she said people can choose, bite the bullet for a month or be like Italy. I'll bite the bullet.

Calling Dr. Kushner

It appears Trump is weary of Dr. Fauci telling the truth. He will rely more on whatever hare brained shit Dr. Kushner draws from his ass in the future.

We are about to break through 40,000 cases

The very best case scenario looks scary as hell.

Gear heads will appreciate this.

Just got an E mail from Harbor Freight. They are donating all their N 95 masks nitrile gloves and clear face guards to emergency rooms.
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