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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,215

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We will probably reach a Stormy Daniels check

by around 5:00 this afternoon.

Tales from the front day 17

As predicted here by a truckers wife the supply chain is refilling. Just got first Kroger ad with sale type prices in three weeks. Soon grocers will have to compete for the dollar. my wife who balked at some of the prices because we have been thrifty in that regard for our entire married life. We both retired in our fifties and still bend over to pick up a penny. Life isn't gonna return to normal for a very long time, but some things will.

Sadly plus 1 in my county.

Though not showing on any stat sheet or any official lists local radio tells a 61 year old passed from the Orange plague. This is a county where the rugged individualists had a constitution party to show that no woman Dem. governor was gonna tell them what to do. Hope today it became more real to them.

Anyone have more info on hospital ship tuning back?

Heard theories or wags. Anyone know anything?

Where are the prognosticators tonight?

Tired of all this winning. I'll go 124,000 cases 2,198 deaths.

I was hoping the Michigan numbers I posted earlier were wrong. Sadly they were spot on.

Official Mi. website is taking forever to update. Bridge magazine who seems

to have an inside track says 993 new cases total 4650 and 21 deaths.

Tales from the front first day out in 16 days.

Car washes are not essential in Mi. main street all but deserted. Bank drive through opened no lobby service. Drive through at drug store just me very polite gal, when she noticed I used my own pen to sign said I'm using tons of hand sanitizer. Even in lines for drive through I see cars social distancing. Local auction always full only hay straw and firewood is essential no cars just trucks and trailers. One car at chain motel, Walmart parking lot about half full. only one car at Little Caesars. bought two that will be four plus meals for us.

What happens when you are 3 million percent wrong?

I count 16 states a day behind in reporting.

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