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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,215

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As I feared Michigan numbers are grim.

over 1 thousand new cases and over 50 deaths.

Holy Cow no one reporting yet and we are at 254 new deaths.

Undoubtedly make 500 today.

That new case number from Illinois looks pretty grim. 1,100 plus.

Meanwhile on Real Earth

We are at 140,000 with a bullet.

The press needs to ask Hogan, DeWine and Baker if they are investigating nurses and doctors.

It is time for Republicans to repudiate this dangerous bastard. They need to start pointing fingers and now.

Blowing through 140,000 cases like a toilet paper wall.

Michigan numbers out still horrifying but slightly fewer new cases.

Think I figured out why counties aren't showing true numbers. Looks like prisoners are being listed as other rather than where they actually are. Nice catchall. Not nice of me but hope some of the 10 in my county were the ones who had a constitution party to show no woman Democrat governor was gonna tell them what to do.

So now the Governors are to compete for health care staff

Arkansas paying bonuses for staff to come work there. Charge the Ass of God who flaunted the CDC guidelines and started a petri dish.

In Detroit Cobo Hall being converted to hospital.

First place I thought of when it was announced they were looking for buildings. Place is huge and absolutely right downtown. Hope it is done quickly.

In normal times I am a guy who likes the give and take. These aren't normal times

I speak for myself only. I have been on too many juries lately. Normally I cut people slack I have been known to say something I regretted. However I am weary of the supporters of a certain candidate competing to be the last Japanese soldier. The one who defended his Island 20 years after WW 2 was over. None of this shit is helpful. The people have spoken quite clearly. It is time to speak with one voice. The leading candidate was not my first choice, but the harshest thing I ever posted was that I don't drive the same car I did in 1980. For myself i am going to adopt a zero tolerance attitude. These aren't normal times and we don't have a normal opponent.
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