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The real reason Republicans in Congress are helping with the Trump coverup

The Republicans in Congress are helping with the Trump coverup. They are blocking effective oversight.

The Founding Fathers anticipated a corrupt President. They did not anticipate a complicit Congress.

But why are Republicans helping cover up for the president? In some cases, as with Nunes and Rohrabacher, itís because they may well have committed crimes themselves.

I believe the full explanation for the rest of the Republicans is simple. Simply, it is about political power, of course.

But more specifically the coverup is because Republicans know that when Russia helped Trump they also helped Congressional elections. Specifically, they helped in Senate elections. The top of the ticket affects down ballot races, and turnout affects down ballot races. We know the goal of Russia and the Trump and NRA Facebook ads was to suppress Dem turnout. At least three Republican Senators won by a tiny margin, of 3% or less. Pat Toomey won by 1.5% - 86,000 votes - well within the range of votes Russia and secret dark money ads could have suppressed. Flipping two seats- say PA and WI or MO - to the Dems would mean NO GOP majority in the Senate right now.

That means that the Republican Senate majority is ILLEGITIMATE. Their judicial appointments are illegitimate. Their tax cut is illegitimate. Their cabinet appointments are illegitimate. Everything the GOP has done in the last year is a farce and due to massive voter suppression, dark social media ads, billionaires running Muslim hate ads, and worst - a foreign power intervening in our democracy and the guy at the top of the ticket inciting hate to turn out racists.

If it wasnít for wikileaks, there is a very very good chance we have a Dem Senate.

Let me say it again. Gorsuch is illegitimate. Russia and their intervention put him in that seat.

Thatís why the GOP doesnít want an investigation. They donít want the rest of America waking up and realizing Pat Toomey and Roy Blunt and Ron Johnson are illegitimate senators.
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