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The Hill is owned by a Trumpite billionaire-- don't quote them please!

The Hill is a paper owned by Jimmy Finkelstein, a Republican billionaire who was an early backer of Trump.

The Hill hired John Solomon, known rightwing shill, who came from Circa (Sinclair website). Solomon singlehandedly created one of the worst Hillary smears of all: the deflection about uranium. Flynn was trying to do a nuclear deal with the Iranians and Russians, to enrich himself (and likely Kushner and Trump; Mueller will tell us more.) Solomon, at The Hill, with his owners’ implicit support, ran a series of propaganda articles deflecting a uranium scandal onto Hillary— and that “Uranium One” story turned out to be totally false. The worst part is that it is now harder to persuade people Flynn and Kushner were the ones involved in the real uranium scandal.

Josh Marshall at TPM has a lot of explanation about Solomon’s past:

And the Hill’s newsroom revolted against Solomon and the owner Finkelstein:

More recently the Hill has been running Trump’s lies repeatedly, unfiltered, in headlines. The Hill is helping Trump spread his lies.

No one on DU should quote The Hill. Stand up against Republican-owned publications distorting American public debate and screwing over the country. Ignore The Hill.

Jay Rosen is a very perceptive media observer. He says “The Hill is not journalism.” Wow. Ignore The Hill, please.


They don't practice journalism at
. Stenography is not quite the right term, either. Last night I watched 'Miller's Crossing' for I dunno, the 17th time? The mayor and police commissioner who just do what the gangsters tell 'em.
is those guys. Plus Chartbeat.

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