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Member since: Sun Feb 26, 2017, 08:12 PM
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Has anyone used BLURB to self publish?

I run a small theatre that is dedicated to helping fellow Kansas playwrights and I thought I'd copy a killer theatre in London (Finborough) who publishes the new work that they are producing with the first few pages serving as the program for that particular run of the show. The cost of the published play is a part of the ticket price. I liked that idea and liked the idea of getting the new work that I and other writers "published" under our theatre's banner, even though it isn't Dramatists or a big publisher.

I'm liking Blurb so far. Any thoughts?

Posted by Blue_playwright | Thu Feb 21, 2019, 06:05 PM (3 replies)

Anyone else stuck using a CPAP/BIPAP?

I hate it. But I wonít die from my severe apnea. So I use the horrific thing routinely. Iím at level 27 so itís like sleeping in a hurricane.

Anyway, I can only sleep about six hours on it or my bad back locks up and I canít function. So I try to go to sleep at midnight and wake up around six. But the worst part is what my doc called a CPAP hangover? I apparently stay in REM sleep right up until the alarm goes off? So until 10 or 11 each morning I feel hungover minus the nausea. So I can be in debilitating pain for hours and need help just getting out of bed or I can feel like Iíve been on a bender.

Anyone else have that hangover? How do you deal with it? I think itís the lesser of two evils.
Posted by Blue_playwright | Tue Feb 19, 2019, 10:41 AM (9 replies)
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