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Hometown: Chicago
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 06:21 PM
Number of posts: 1,549

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Spanish flu 1918. Not from Spain so why called that? Short video.

Cuomo's Prison Workers Say They're Not Actually Making Hand Sanitizer (Vice)

Cuomo's Prison Workers Say They're Not Actually Making Hand Sanitizer

Inmates told VICE that they're really just putting a mysterious vendor's existing product in 'NYS Clean' bottles.

On March 9, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced a measure to fight “egregious” price-gouging: an initiative to produce 100,000 gallons of New York State-produced hand sanitizer every week, to be distributed for free to needy institutions like schools, government agencies, prisons, and the MTA.

“We are problem solvers, state of New York, Empire State, progressive capital of the nation,” Cuomo said during a press conference, before opening a navy curtain and literally unveiling jugs of the “NYS Clean”-branded sanitizer, “made conveniently by the state of New York.”

But according to workers at Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Comstock, New York where the hand sanitizer is being “made,” as well as a spokesperson for the prison system, they are doing nothing more than taking existing hand sanitizer and rebottling it into packaging labeled NYS Clean.


Poor old guy cooped up like that.

Just heard over the radio that the Prince of Wales tested positive for Covid-19, so he's self isolating on his estate in Scotland.

Of course the servants must stay at least six feet away.

He'll be naked the entire time because no one can dress him now.

A kid who licked toilets as part of the #CoronaVirusChallenge says he's now in the hospital with ...



We Finally Witnessed The Birth of a Planetary Nebula

Best viewed full screen.


Laura Ingraham funnies

Multi-millionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland is evil. OK you knew that, but wait there's more.


Wez nails it.

When the kindergarten closes ...

Won't link to the SOB's tweet, but ...

Guess who is taking credit every time the stock market goes up again after going down?
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