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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 03:52 PM
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It's a shame...

that either Harris or Warren won't be president.

But it'll be fantastic when EITHER one becomes president.
Posted by moonseller66 | Sat Jul 6, 2019, 02:19 PM (2 replies)

The Journalist's Creed - Honest!

This is right up there with 45's :
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

The Journalist's Creed*

- I believe in the profession of journalism.
- I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of this trust.
- I believe that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.
- I believe that a journalist should write only what he holds in his heart to be true.
- I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.
- I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one’s own pocketbook is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading another’s instructions or another’s dividends.
- I believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanness should prevail for all; that the supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public service.
- I believe that the journalism which succeeds best — and best deserves success — fears God and honors Man; is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power, constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance and, as far as law and honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international good will and cementing world-comradeship; is a journalism of humanity, of and for today’s world.

The Journalist's Creed is a personal affirmation of journalism ethics written by Walter Williams in 1914. The creed has been published in more than 100 languages, and a bronze plaque of The Journalist's Creed hangs at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Williams was the founding dean of the Missouri School of Journalism.

* Doesn't pertain to Fox...or others you could name.
Posted by moonseller66 | Tue Jul 2, 2019, 09:36 PM (0 replies)

The Republican Plan for a One-Party State

In case you missed this Alternet.org article by Rick Perlstein in in 2017, it's well worth the few minutes to read or reread it.

Project Redmap

He called his plan “Project REDMAP.” It would work like this. Through assiduous research, his group would pinpoint a handful of vulnerable Democratic seats in states where control of state legislatures was close—Pennsylvania, for example, where Democrats controlled the lower chamber by a single vote—identifying the tipping points that could flip those bodies for the Republicans. They would then control the drawing of U.S. congressional maps after the 2010 census. At the time there were an estimated 25 true “swing” congressional districts. By deploying state-of-the-art software to devise maps to capture the greatest number of U.S. House seats with the fewest number of votes, the party could move every one of them safely into Republican hands for at least the next 10 years. All, he promised, for the low, low price of $30 million—about a tenth of what people are estimating the candidates will spend in the upcoming 2018 Illinois governor’s race alone. Karl Rove ducked in on one of the pitch meetings: “People call us a vast right-wing conspiracy, but we’re really a half-assed right-wing conspiracy. Now it’s time to get serious.”

There's a lot more. It's disturbing at the very least. Your Republican Rep (whomever) cares not at all for democracy, only their own power for their masters and screw the Stupid American Public.

Please take a couple moments to read it and pass it along to your fiends on the other side of the aisle or even a nice copy to any Republican Rep asking if this is what they truly want.

Only through a concerted effort in 2018 did we manage to wrest control of the House from the forces out to destroy Democracy. Cnntinue fighting among ourselves and 2020 might be the One Party Country the Republicans and Corporate Business HUnger for.

After all, if you can't have it all legally, get it anyway you can.

With apologies for no link...my fault
Here it is:

Project Redmap[link:https://www.alternet.org/2017/09/republican-plan-one-party-state/|
Posted by moonseller66 | Tue Jul 2, 2019, 01:11 PM (0 replies)

Elizabeth Warren just may be the Jack Kennedy of the 21st Century

She's smart, charismatic, knows how to debate and address issues.

She will surround her presidency with qualified people who know their stuff.

And since 63 million voted for a "woman" in 2016, we need about a million more to add to that then we can relegate the trump dictatorship to republican revisionist history.

Semper Vigilans

We must be wary. With all the attention on the plight of the children at the border, we need to pay particular attention to what the POS in charge and his Republican Minions might do behind the scenes.

I wouldn't put any money that Nazi MIller and company have orchestrated this so much attention all of a sudden to do anything else that might be in their own greedy interests. That includes the tortoise leading the Senate.

We need to look behind the curtain!

Subtle negativity?

Instead of finding problems with other's choices for President, why don't we just emphasize our candidate's positive points.?

I'm tired of the "but YOUR candidate has bad breath" BS.

It's counter productive, divisive and sort of equates the contributing member with typical Republican tactics.

No more Bernie/Hillary shit!

Just a question on women's rights...

Isn't a group of MEN deciding what women can and can't do the same thing as long ago (?) similar old men deciding what blacks can and can't do? Or what ONE MAN decides what other people can do or where they can live?

I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's called slavery.

Payback is a Mitch!

This is just too sweet for words.

from balloon-juice.com


Matthew Miller
‏Verified account @matthewamiller]

I wonder who the chief judge is in the circuit where all of the fights between Congress and Trump will play out and whether he cares about partisan norm-busting. Oh that's right...it's some guy named Merrick Garland.

Would 5000 Blacks, Latinos, other immigrants or minorities show up at a trump rally and...

would they be ALLOWED to enter...legally...and peacefully?
Or would trump cancel the rally?

How about we don't "bail out" the Republicans AGAIN and the 1% they represent?

2009's Democratic political mistake should never allow another to be made.

Remember when Democrats in power acted to prosecute those who caused the 2006+ financial problems and decided to "take the high road" with the "let's move forward" BS instead ending up rewarding those who caused it...
and how it made financial things today so much better...for the 1%...
and how it led to even greater income inequality...
and how predatory lending flourishes even more today...
and how it benefited a traitor (and possibly more) financially to try to bring down a 200 year old Democracy...
and how the banking and financial communities have since gorged themselves at the expense of the 98%?

Yeah! Me neither!

So let's give the 1% another chance - another year and a half to screw us, maybe for years to come, right? We all know they'll do right by us this time and the Democrat's promise and check is in...something.

Fuck the "Old Guard", they don't exist any longer. Fuck the 1%. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck the ill-informed moderates and undecideds (they have no idea anyway so they can suffer with us). Fuck the Neo Blue Dogs. Fuck the "liberal" media for going along with the Republican bull shit and Russian Mantra.

Remember! The "R" after a Republican President (R), Senator (R) or Congress person (R) really stands for Russian or Ruble.

We need to make sure the "D" after any Democrat doesn't stand for "Deceiver."

No more delays, Democrats. We can't wait and give them more time to prepare and to lie more to Americans. We fight now to win or we lose later. We have a year and a half to make our point to the American People. If we can't convince them and the people are too stupid, we tried but bought some time to try other things instead of doing nothing by hiding behind what MIGHT BE by clutching our pearls and hoping for a victory in 2020 or actively taking the fight to our opponent, NOW! He's on the ropes...finish him.

No more promises or delays or high roads, Democrats. We've heard those all before and look what have we gotten? 40 years of Democratic Walter Mittys.

Impeach the Bastard now or suffer worse later.

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