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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
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Dems Introduce "Assault" Weapons Ban


Lots of people saying this is a terrible idea 7 months before mid-terms and this will energize the right, destroying any hope of a Blue Wave.

Good idea, or terrible idea? Are we screwing ourselves over again?

The Government is Shutdown again.

Good job Republicans.

Melania has a body double?

Anyone just watch CNN Inside Politics?

Dana was showing video of Trump and "Melania" getting off Marine 1 and into AF1. It was bizarre. The woman with Trump looked a bit heavier, shorty, different hair color/style. And she was touching Trump a lot.

Even Dana Bash hesitated, "There is Trump entering AF1 with presumably the First Lady."

I really think Melania has a fake for publicity stunts to make them look like the adoring couple when Melania wants to stay home.

Rachel tonight

She's funny tonight...

On another note, she just brought up an interesting fact we probably missed. When Carter Page had his interview with Chris Hayes several months ago, he said Paul Ryan would eventually approve the release of the FISA warrant case against Page.

So Paul Ryan has been plotting this memo for months...

Donny Deutsch on Nicole Wallace

Just said this is terrifying and Trump is becoming a dictator. He says we should be already in the streets and starting a revolution.

Warning!! Trump admits he's about to fire Rosenstein.

When asked by reporters if he's going to fire him, Trump says "You figure that one out."

Yikes, here we go. We're about to reach dictator status. This is so scary.

MSNBC has the Memo

Andrea Mitchell just showed it and they're starting to go through it.

First point: Steele Dossier partly used for obtaining a continuing warrant on Page.
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