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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 12:01 PM
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Hunter Biden ordered to Arkansas court for paternity case, faces possible contempt action


Warren wants task force to investigate Trump administration


She also plans on demanding resignations from all Trump appointees.

This alone would get her my vote. This has to be priority #1 for all candidates. We cannot just ignore the Trump administrations endless list of corruption and crimes. Everyone tied to Trump must be investigated and prosecuted. It will be the largest jobs program in US history.

Based on this forum, it seems like no Dem can win.

Reading through this forum, I get the impression nobody is really confident that Democrats can beat Trump.

The Pro-Biden side keeps saying Bernie will have one of the biggest losses in history and Trump would absolutely love to run against him and some Republicans are backing him too. His Socialism and anti-corporate views will be used against him.

The Pro-Sanders side says Biden is too pro-rich, pro-corporate oligarchs, too anti-young people. Biden is another status quo candidate who will make the rich richer, screw over the young and the poor, and probably let Trump and all his corrupt cronies get away with their crimes for the sake of bipartisanship and letting the past stay in the past. Biden also has the most baggage of any current candidate and Ukraine is absolutely going to be used against Biden no matter how dumb it is.

The Pro-Warren crowd is currently fighting with the Bernie Crowd. Right now, I see her and Bernie splitting the progressive and youth vote, leading to a Biden win.

I feel like we're likely going to see another Trump win in light of the current situation. I hope I'm wrong, but he's got a cult base of supporters, the entire Republican party backing him, tons of cheating, social media giants like Facebook backing him, and a bunch of foreign countries helping him. And the rest of the population either can't support a certain Democrat, or just doesn't plan on voting.

Trump May Be Even More Unpopular Than His Approval Rating Shows


Interesting read. Among Dems and Independents, Trump is more unpopular than Palin and Pence.

Managers and Articles approved to be sent to Senate

Apparently Justice Roberts and Senators being sworn in tomorrow with trial starting next week.

Everyone should brace themselves for a fairly quick acquittal. I don't see any scenario where Republicans actually vote to convict him.

NeverWarren and Warrenisasnake trending on twitter

After the debates last night and the spat between her and Bernie, social media is turning against Warren like crazy.

I'm sure quite a bit of it is Russian bots sowing division among Democrats, but it seems to be working. Lots of people saying they will not vote for Warren, even if she's the nominee.

Republicans would stand united and vote for Hitler if he was their candidate.
Dems are bickering over which progressive candidate said what behind closed doors to each other.

It's insane. This really does not give me much hope that we're going to beat Trump. I really wish I could figure out how to get out of this country. America is a lost cause imo.

Trump appointed Judge blocks House lawsuit for Trump's taxes.


We really an authoritarian autocracy at this point. Every branch of government works for Trump apparently.

House Intel releases details on Lev Parnas documents


Explains what Trump meant by "Yovanovitch was going to go through some things." Sounds like they were discussing having her killed.

Why does this forum involve so much Dem bashing?

I feel like I'm on reddit with all the bots and trolls out sowing division among Bernie vs. Warren or Progressives vs. Biden.

You're all just making Trump's re-election more likely with all this bickering over who said what to whom behind closed doors. Keep in mind, if Trump wins again, America will be a dictatorship. You and your family will lose your health insurance unless you have private, non-ACA coverage. The environment will be beyond recovery. Our diplomacy will be permanently destroyed. Our economy will hit a recession. More children will be abused in cages.

Can we stop with all the bickering?

Thoughts on why Pelosi is handing over Articles now?

I'm seeing lots of criticism on other forums of her decision. Why did she hold them up to this point if she's just going to cave to Moscow Mitch? There still won't be witnesses or a fair trial, and Trump is guaranteed to get acquitted.

I don't understand her reasoning or the point of this.
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