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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 03:53 AM
Number of posts: 235

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Can Trump withhold visas from International Court?


There is no more Obamacare

This is what right wingers believe. My stepdad just told me my momís insurance capped and they have no more coverage. I told him that is impossible because of Obamacare. ďThere is no more Obamacare,Ē he said!

So some agent sold them a bogus policy in Texas? Or he doesnít know what heís talking about!

Thatís how much they hate Obama. They would rather have a cap on their insurance or be denied for a preexisting condition than have anything associated with Obama.

I colored my face once in the 80's

I was picked to be the Virgen de Guadalupe for a parade by our Catholic Church. They dressed me in full virgen garb but my face is very pale. So they applied reddish brown makeup on me to make me look more ďIndiaĒ.

I felt honored to have this role as I rode on a float down the parade route.

Should I now be ashamed?

Democracy In Chains

By Nancy MacLean!

If you want to know their plan which they have been working on for decades read this book! Itís a war against democracy and we are about to lose!!!

EVERY ONE OF US needs to focus and fight our instincts to be divided over peripheral issues. Bernie Sanders needs to read this book and so do all possible 2020 nominees.

And for now:


What is wrong with a free national ID card?

Other countries have cťdulas. Why canít we?

What if Judge is the hero of the story?

Maybe he purposely jumped on that bed to help Ford get away? Maybe it started as a prank that Kavenough took too far. He wants to talk privately to the FBI.

How many times will he sniff?

GMAFB! Total acting.

I got drunk at a Catholic school party too!

I didnít know how to drive. My mom had dropped me off at some kidís house senior year. I couldnít tell you whose house it was or even where it was. I had never been in with the popular kids but yet here I was, having been invited by a kid I had a crush on.

I went along with the crowd and drank anything that was offered, mixing my alcohols. Later, somehow, we all ended up at a park and continued the drinking.

I couldnít even walk. I was totally a wobbly blubbering mess. And guess what! Nothing bad happened to me!

In fact, the boy I had a crush on had to go to my best friendís house and climb up her window to ask her how to get me home because I couldnít tell him the directions. He loaned me his leather bomber jacket and drove me home, then had to face my very scary angry dad! I threw up in his car and on his jacket!

The next day I thought I was going to be a laughing stalk. Guess what! Not one person laughed. Friends asked me how I felt. And no one knew I threw up in my crushís car.

Now THAT is how girls should be treated! This was back in 1982! Decent people behave decently, even as kids!

Is he defecting?

Maybe he knows whatís coming and is defecting to Russia before being tried for treason???

Hey! A girl Can wish!!!

We are being played!

Every time things happen such as Melaniaís jacket, Trump is playing is!

Donít lose focus!!! They want us rabid and angry and they want the media to focus on the obscene distractions.


Two reasons:

1. So they can focus on their atrocity of an agenda.

2. So we can use up our energy, make the general population tired of us, make ourselves tired of ourselves, desensitize is ALL!
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