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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: South Bend, IN
Home country: USA
Current location: Dayton, OH
Member since: Tue Feb 21, 2017, 03:15 PM
Number of posts: 1,134

About Me

Retired Electrical/Computer Engineer--29 years with the Air Force. Purdue, Wright St, AFIT, U. of Dayton. Strong liberal but not a "purist" who eats his young! Animal lover but NOT a cat fancier. Divorced. Two kids--both quite successful.

Journal Archives

Showercap's Wednesday Blog is a real Hoot if You Haven't Read It

Anchors Aweigh!

Two Navy ship collisions in two months! Recommend a new Navy Directive: Two teetotalers must be recruited for every Navy ship, one to man the bow as a lookout, and the other to man the ship's radar. They can sleep during the day. And I thought the old "spends money like a drunken sailor" adage was a joke. And I say this as someone who has been aboard four aircraft carriers. On the other hand, methinks #PutinsPuppet now has two fine candidates for his next Secretary of the Navy!


Just Wait Until the Apprentice Outtakes Are Revealed!

I understand that they show Trump at his finest, spouting all kinds of foul racist invectives. I'm guessing his fans will call it just "locker room talk" and unfair since he didn't know he was being recorded. But it will end this whole fiasco with a BANG! Paris Denerd will really be sweating trying to explain this on CNN!


Allen Dershowitz

I used to be a big fan, but I sense that he has become quite the gadfly in recent years. Tonight on MSNBC, he stated that the DC grand jury was a mistake, and opined on the racial make-up of any subsequent jury pool. But he also said this: "These DC people don't even get to vote for president." What planet has he been on since 1961??


Anybody Else Wondering ....

... what kind of "kompromat" Putin has on Jill Stein?
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